Join Stacey Lynn for a special live Spiritual event as she shares the Gift of Spirit - a God given Spiritual Gift - with her audience. 

Most of the evening will be dedicated to delivering healing, Heartfelt Spirit Communication—messages of love, peace, healing, forgiveness and joy through evidenced specific information provided to Stacey by departed loved ones in Spirit who have crossed over into the Heavenly realms. Stacey will share her own Spiritual journey, including how our departed loved ones are always bringing us undeniable, miraculous signs as validation of their Spiritual presence with us. 

The evening will be Spiritually driven and Heavenly given to all those who gather. Once your heart is touched by the powerful love of Spirit, your life will be forever changed and your Spirit renewed. Stacey will also guide you through a Spiritual Oneness Meditation to open your heart - your own powerful Spirit to receive blessings for the highest good moving forward. 

RUAH Center*, a red brick with white trim ranch style building, is located on the corner of 11th Street and Washington Street in Naperville, IL. Parking is available in front of the center and adjacent to RUAH Center in the elementary school parking lot. 

This live event will be held downstairs in the RUAH conference room. No audio recording, video recording or photography is allowed during this sacred and healing gathering. 

The cost to attend the Gift of Spirit Gala Evening is $10.  

Friday, April 21, 2017

8pm to 10pm Central 

(Doors open at 7:30pm CST, at which time we will begin seating.)

RUAH Center, 1110 N. Washington St. in Naperville (at the corner of 11th Street and Washington)

If you have any trouble locating the RUAH Center, please call us at 815-671-4950.

About Stacey Lynn

Stacey Lynn works as a Spiritual Medium & Mentor, Executive Coach and Radio Show Host of the Gift of Spirit Radio Program on the Healthy Life Radio Network. To read up on Stacey’s work visit Click here to contact Stacey directly. 

* RUAH Center is a not-for-profit educational organization dedicated to disseminating information to guide people in their quest for optimum physical, mental, and spiritual well-being,