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Spiritual Connection Readings

Stacey is filled with the Holy Spirit and is a gifted spiritual medium and spiritual teacher.  She teaches meditation, on spirituality and opening up to spiritual gifts.  During spiritual readings, Stacey has a compassionate, heart to heart, healing approach to the process of spirit communication and creates a light, loving, inviting environment for her clients.  She receives evidential information from spirit through clairvoyance(seeing), clairsentience(feeling) and clairaudience(hearing).  Stacey offers readings by phone, Skype or in-person, group gallery or family readings.

She recommends her clients come to the reading open to receiving messages from their loved ones and suggests taping the reading or taking notes.

Spiritual Readings are 50 minutes in length. The appointment is 1 hour. Individual Spiritual Readings via phone/Skype are $200 and an individual in person local reading is $250.