A Sad Farewell to Wayne Dyer

Wayne Dyer
It’s hard to say goodbye to people who have meant so much to us.  Wayne Dyer was one of those people.
In 2011 I was inspired to go to an event to see Wayne Dyer and Marianne Williamson speak in New York. Wayne Dyer was the 1st speaker that came on the stage.  He had us do a meditation to Amazing Grace. Before that I had never done a meditation like that before in my life. Amazing grace was very close to my heart because they would play it at every funeral of loved ones who had passed. It was a very heartfelt song for me.
So when we went into meditation I was opened up spiritually and I could see, feel, and hear my grandmother and my grandfather, my uncle, and my friend Heather on the other side. They would show themselves, they were speaking, I could feel them.  It was pretty startling for me. And when I opened my eyes I could actually see them on the stage for a split second.  And I said to myself “what is happening”
After that every speaker that would come onto the stage had us go thru a guided meditation and every time I experienced spirit.  I felt so much love and oneness and just beautiful love. 
So I came home and everyday was meditating and healing through meditation. My grandmother was coming through who I was very close with and my grandfather.  It was just amazing experiences every single day. 
I will never forget that incredible experience with Wayne Dyer and Marianne Williamson.  It is because all of this happened is a big reason why I said a big YES to this gift.  
I extend my eternal thanks to Wayne Dyer.  He will truly be missed. 

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