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HELPING PARENTS HEAL 2nd Conference in Phoenix, AZ, August 18th – 21st, 2022

THE KEYNOTE SPEAKERS featuring Stacey Lynn Cripps, Spiritual Medium, Mentor & Advisor of the Gift of Spirit

Sharing the Journey from Bereaved to Shining Light Parent

Helping Parents Heal is presenting its Second Conference in Phoenix, Arizona August 18th thru August 21st, and Streaming for the Soul is thrilled to be live streaming and live recording the conference.

Helping Parents Heal is dedicated to the emotional healing of parents who have suffered the loss of a child. The compassionate embrace of this community transports bereaved parents across the abyss of grief to a place of peace, to a place of knowing there is continuity of the soul, to knowing that when everything else falls away, love remains ❤.

Tickets to attend the conference in person are already sold out but you can still be a part of the healing journey!

This 2nd Helping Parents Heal Conference will be taking place by watching the live stream or by watching the live recordings of the conference.

Click below to purchase the Helping Parents Heal 2022 Conference Live Stream

Purchase the Live Stream Pass and get access to all the conference live streams plus Unlimited Viewing of all the recorded replays.

Early Bird price before August 1 – $129.00
Regular price after August 1 – $149.00

Most of the evening will be dedicated to delivering healing, Heartfelt Spirit Communication—messages of love, peace, healing, forgiveness, and joy through evidenced specific information provided to Stacey & Katie by departed loved ones in Spirit who have crossed over into the Heavenly realms. Stacey & Katie will share their own Spiritual journey, including how our departed loved ones are always bringing us undeniable, miraculous signs as validation of their Spiritual presence with us. The evening will be Spiritually driven and Heavenly given to all those who gather. Once your heart is touched by the powerful love of Spirit, your life will be forever changed and your Spirit renewed. Stacey will also guide you through a “Heart Opening” Meditation to open your Spiritual center – your own powerful Spirit to receive Blessings for the Highest good moving forward.  

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Stacey Lynn Cripps – Psychic Medium
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