Guided Meditations To Awaken To Spirit

I am Stacey Lynn Cripps and I am very happy to share with you Divinely guided meditations for your heart and your Spirit.

I have used these meditations daily in my own life to feel my Spirit within and to develop a stronger Spiritual Connection with the Gift of Spirit. I have taught these same meditations for many years to people who were grieving and seeking a Spiritual Connection with departed loved ones.  I have discovered that journeying within meditation with visualization, guided imagery and light deepens the meditative experience and enhances the Spiritual Connection.  These guided meditations have been tried and proven over the years to open the heart which is the Spiritual Center to awaken to Spirit within to feel Love.

The very first time I meditated, I was guided thru a meditation to the song, Amazing Grace where I experienced a Spiritual Awakening, an Enlightenment. While going within to connect to my Spirit during this meditation I felt so much Love and I experienced a Spirit to Spirit connection with my departed Grandfather, my Grandmother, and my Uncle. I felt them in my heart, my Spirit and I experienced a complete sense of Wholeness and Oneness.  Since that day, I have been meditating almost every day of my life. Spirit connects on Love; Spirit is Love and when you can get to a loving place within your heart you can feel their Love and feel their Spirit with you. 

Each one of these Divinely guided meditations close with an additional 2 minutes of music.  I encourage you to journal during this time what you felt and experienced during your meditation and cherish these moments.

Before you meditate it is important to be comfortable, dress comfortably and choose a space that is quiet without distractions.   When you meditate, you want to make sure you are sitting upright with your back supported. You may choose to meditate, once or twice a day.  I recommend first thing in the morning before you begin your day and sometime in the evening.  You may start with a 10-minute meditation and build up to meditating 20 to 30 minutes during one sitting which I do daily. It is important to set a timer that is near you while meditating.  You may hold an intention in your heart during the start of your meditation to feel Love, Peace, and Joy.  As you meditate, you let go and allow yourself to just be in your heart space in the very present moment, to know your Spirit.  Being in your Spirit during meditation opens you to who and what you truly are to walk your truth in life.  I have found that you need to Believe in your heart without a shadow of a doubt that you are Spirit first and you have a Spirit to Spirit Connection.  Meditating daily is a development.  Meditation is the workout place, to build that muscle, the stronger connection to Spirit. Meditating clears the mind, opens the heart, and supports the Spiritual Connection, Love.

1- Introduction
2- Come Back to Me
3- Oneness
4- Heart Opening
5- Chakra Balance and Renew
6- Divine Angel
7- Amazing Grace

May your heart open, your Spirit be Awakened.

Stacey Lynn Cripps

Listen now: Guided Meditations to Awaken to Spirit

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