A Spiritual Reading Opens Us


Stacey: Hello and welcome to Gift of Spirit Radio. I am Stacey Lynn, your host. I’m thrilled to be with all of you today. Today we are having a Spiritual Reading Hour. I’m going to conduct live Spiritual readings for our listeners who call in to the show. We will be opening up the lines. I’m going to suggest that you have a pen and paper handy to write things down during your Spiritual reading so that you have record of it.

A few months ago, I did one of my first shows on Spiritual Awakening, and then another show explaining a Spiritual Reading and what it’s like to receive a Spiritual Reading for the first time. I’d like touch on that again today. We are Spirit first, having a human experience. It’s not the other way around. This has been written in scriptures and many traditions.

In Eastern Philosophy, “Satya” means absolute truth, that which is beyond time, space and person, the higher order, higher principle, higher knowledge, higher consciousness. “Satya” is what one becomes aware of upon opening, when one is enlightened with a Spiritual awakening. It would make sense that, when we connect to our Spirit within, our hearts, our center in stillness, that there would be a feeling and experience of wholeness, oneness and love.
It would make sense that, when we connect to our Spirit, we would have a Spiritual connection for the Spirit-to-Spirit opening and communication to take place. This connection is an opening. It is an allowing for love and healing. When we connect within to our Spirit, we experience oneness with all things. It’s in this place of Spiritual connection to our higher self that we become open to receiving from the Divine, from Spirit. When this happens, this is enlightenment!

This is letting go of everything that holds us back, surrendering it, breaking down these barriers of any pain and suffering that we’ve been through, and then accepting and embracing our truth within. This is where we are then able to connect with our Spirit, our higher self, our Divine self.

We feel this acceptance of ourselves. We feel one with all things. It’s an amazing connection of oneness.

This is the point where Spiritual development is ignited and Spiritual awakening happens, where we experience seeing, hearing or feeling Spirit. Once this occurs, you are guided to people and places to fulfill your Spiritual destiny here. Certain people show up to help you along your Spiritual path.

If you are interested in developing this Spiritual higher self and connection with the Divine, I suggest daily meditation 5 to 30 minutes a day. This is the tool for this type of development, as is being Spiritually mentored by someone who has this Spiritual higher defined connection to help you understand and accelerate for you to connect to your own Spirit within and Spirit above as well. Spirit means the gift of the Holy Spirit, the Higher Intelligence, Infinity, Higher Consciousness. It has so many names.

It’s in the experience of this Spirituality that the all knowingness happens and one then believes, which is the starting point to receive from our loved ones on the other side, from Spirit and from the Divine. It’s in the experience with Spirit that we believe. It’s in the believing that the doing happens. We remain open. We start a practice of meditation. We start reading books. We start to open to receive this heartfelt Spiritual happening, this connection.
We all receive messages from Spirit, from our dearly departed loved ones in the form of physical signs in the real world that we see. For example, on my grandmother’s birthday, I pulled up behind a car and I saw her name, Beatrice, across the license plate. These are physical signs that our loved ones bring us to remind us that they’re still around us, loving us here. It can happen in a chance encounter, random coincidences, downloads, ideas and in our sleeping state.

It happens when we connect with our loved ones in Spirit in inspiration and reminders that show up. Our dear departed loved ones are around us all the time. They’re loving us and they’re guiding us still. All it takes is us believing and thinking of them. This alone brings them close to us where we may feel in our own physiology chills or tingling. We may get flooded with memories of them and feel their love at that moment.

This is how they come close, connect and communicate with us. When we have a Spiritual awakening, our senses are heightened. They are tuned up. Our seeing, feeling, hearing, knowing, smell and taste are all heightened. The reason is because this is how Spirit and the Divine communicates with us, through our heightened senses, through clairvoyance, which is our own imagery in our mind’s eye. They will bring images of things. There is clairaudience, hearing or clairsentient, sensing and feeling. There is claircognizance, which is knowing that inspiration when you know you have to move forward and do something.

When I was in my 20s, my best friend was killed in a car accident. She was coming to me in my dreams. At one point in the real world, I was walking into a store and my ear was ringing. It was a piercing feeling in my ear. I heard her voice for the first time. She was working on my clairaudience my hearing to heighten that inner, sense-so I could hear her. She asked me to call her mom and I did so.

When I do Spiritual readings, I do hundreds of these. I’m the receiver and the bridge on the other end of the line, waiting for Spirit to connect and come close. I work with my heightened senses. They do the work. What they bring, they bring. They get to decide how they’re going to bring information through, how it’s going to appear. I relay exactly what they show me, what I hear, see and feel. You are receiving the Spiritual reading.

The information that comes through is for you to interpret and make sense of. They may bring a name through that is significant, like the name James. That may be the name of your son or grandfather on the other side. I will let you know when that type of information is flowing through. You say, “Yes, that’s my son’s name or grandfather’s name.”

I’ll ask you, “What does the name James mean?” It’s a constant flow of information when there is a connection with Spirit. Sometimes it speeds up and it is really fast. Sometimes it slows down and there are pauses. It really doesn’t matter. It’s how they’re bringing it through.

A Spiritual reading may go something like this. “I have a male here who says he’s your grandfather. He’s in his 80s on the other side. He’s showing me a garden. He’s working with garden and soil. There’s a lot of love here for you. Do you understand that?” Your response is “yes” or “no.” Then I say, “He’s saying he passed in the hospital from emphysema. He’s coughing. I may start to cough. You were holding his hand. Do you understand what he’s showing me, and does it resonate with you?” You would say “yes” or “no.”

I spend most of my time with Spirit on the other side. If Spirit wants more information from you, they will nudge me and have you tell me more about what they’re bringing through so that you can connect with them fully at the time of your reading. They very much bring evidential information and so much love through to the receiver so that you know, without a doubt, it’s them coming through.

If something doesn’t resonate with you, I go back and say, “Can you show it to me differently? Can you bring something else? It’s not making sense at this time.” They work with your energy as well in a Spiritual reading. It’s important to trust, have faith and open your heart to receive. This love with our loved ones on the other side doesn’t die. It remains. It’s this love that brings them close and back into our lives Spiritually. They want you to know that they’re still with you, loving you and guiding you here.

A Spiritual reading is a Sacred Divine space of love and light. It’s a Spiritual openness and oneness. It’s an amazing connection to the Heavenly Realm for our highest good here. It’s for you in a Spiritual reading to experience love and healing of your grieving heart, to experience peace, joy, abundance, trust and forgiveness. That’s a little bit of what it’s going to look like. We’re about to open the phone lines.

“Sometimes when Spirit brings through a sign or an object, you may see it right after the reading.”

Maya: Hi, Stacey. This is Maya.
Stacey: Hi, Maya. Welcome. How are you today?
Maya: I’m doing well.
Stacey: Maya, it takes me a minute to connect. Give me a minute to see who we have for you today.
Maya: Okay.
Stacey: Maya, I’m feeling a male energy on the other side coming through for you. A loving relationship with you is what I’m feeling. I’m getting “D” and then “man.” Would you understand this?
Maya: Yes.
Stacey: I’m also hearing, “What’s up, babe?” Do you understand the name “babe?”
Maya: Yes, I do.
Stacey: Great. He’s bringing me to New York. He’s also bringing me to cancer that he had. He died very young. He was in the New York area at this time. He said that we had broken up, but I knew that she was my partner for life. There’s a lot of miles between you. I’m hearing seven months. Do you understand this, Maya?
Maya: Yes.
Stacey: This is a partner of yours, a loving relationship. Is that right?
Maya: That’s right.
Stacey: Do you understand the 36 years? I’m getting 36. Is this when you started dating?
Maya: Yes, I think that was how old I was when we started dating.
Stacey: I’m seeing 36. I’m seeing him holding your hand and you started a relationship. He says he comes to you in your dreams and he’s been doing that recently. Do you understand?
Maya: Yes.
Stacey: He’s also showing me a book about you. You are writing. Is that correct?
Maya: Yes.
Stacey: You’re a writer. He’s also bringing me to his mom here. It feels like he was an only child.
Maya: Yes, that’s right.
Stacey: He’s bringing me to his mom. I’m hearing the name Helen. Do you understand? Is that his mother’s name?
Maya: Yes, it’s close to that.
Stacey: He’s thanking you for being in touch with her around the holidays. Do you understand?
Maya: Yes. I reach out to her.
Stacey: He’s also showing me a man with dark hair over there. He’s saying that he didn’t get to meet this man until after he came over to the other side. He says that he’s with your dad. Is that right? Your father is on the other side?
Maya: Yes.
Stacey: Your father is showing me you in pigtails when you were younger. He’s saying that he didn’t get to see you grow up, but he did from the other side. He’s showing me that he passed when you were young, right?
Maya: Yes.
Stacey: This man says that he didn’t marry you, but it would have been your husband and it feels like he is your husband from the other side. He’s with your father. He is saying, “We are around you all the time, Maya.” He’s bringing me to political stuff that you’re watching. Were there any political differences between you and him?
Maya: A little bit.
Stacey: He’s bringing me to that feeling. I’m getting that feeling. He said he was watching something with you the other day. I hear “caucus” and that there are some political differences between you two.
Maya: Yes.
Stacey: He’s finding that very amusing at this time. I’m feeling his personality. He’s very funny. He’s very arrogant, too. Would that make sense as far as his personality?
Maya: Yes.
Stacey: He’s also talking about a scientist. This is his vocation?
Maya: Yes.
Stacey: He’s saying he’s a scientist. That makes sense?
Maya: Yes.
Stacey: He’s also saying that was a common thread between both of you?
Maya: Yes.
Stacey: You’re a scientist, too?
Maya: Yes.
Stacey: He’s showing you typing away at the computer. You spend a lot of hours on the computer.
Maya: I do.
Stacey: He’s saying, “But she’s breaking that habit and she’s getting out more.”
Maya: Yes.
Stacey: He’s showing you at a comedy club recently. He used to spend a lot of time with you in California. He’s saying that he’s still around you Spiritually when you get out and do these fun things. Is that making sense?
Maya: Yes, totally.
Stacey: He wants you to split your time in half between nailing away on the computer and getting out there in the real world. There is a very tall man over here with gray hair. He’s with your father and this “D” guy. He’s with them as well. This is your grandfather. He’s mentioning Hindu. He was Hindu. Is that correct?
Maya: Yes, Buddhist.
Stacey: It’s interesting. He’s holding a candle for you. That makes me feel like you are very Spiritually connected. Is that making sense?
Maya: Yes.
Stacey: They’re working on you, Maya. They’re working on you to open you up more to receive this abundance from the other side. They’re bringing me to an event that you may be attending around meditation. They’re around you when you meditate. They say you meditate.
Maya: Yes.
Stacey: This is your second book that’s coming out?
Maya: That’s right.
Stacey: Great. They’re working with you on that, especially the scientist. He’s still the love of your life. He wants you to know. He’s saying that you haven’t met anybody yet.
Maya: Yes.
Stacey: He’s working on that too for you.
Maya: Okay.
Stacey: He’s saying that you hold him very dear to your heart.
Maya: Yes.
Stacey: I can see what they’re wearing. He’s wearing this long coat. It looks like a winter coat. He’s wearing this long, dark coat. He’s showing this briefcase that he has.
Maya: Yes.
Stacey: That’s interesting. He’s also showing a pendulum going back and forth. Do you have a pendulum?
Maya: No.
Stacey: Sometimes when Spirit brings through a sign or an object, you may see it right after the reading. It’s amazing how that happens. I see this pendulum going back and forth. I’m going to tie up this message with him for you. He says, “Maya, you’re on your way, babe. You’ve got this. You’ve got to keep going with it.” I’m going to leave that with you, Maya, and thank Spirit for coming through. We’ll be right back.

“He’s giving that evidence. He’s saying that he’s with you on your way to work. He may be playing songs for you in your car or something. He’s showing me you on your way to work. He’s in the car with you. He likes being with you in the mornings.”

Stacey: Welcome back to our Spiritual Reading Hour on Gift of Spirit Radio. I am Stacey Lynn, your host. We are taking callers right now for Spiritual readings. I’m going to welcome Matthew to the call. Hi, Matthew. Welcome.
Matthew: Hi, Stacey. How are you today?
Stacey: I am good. How are you? Matthew, it takes me a minute. Let me connect and I’ll see who’s here for you.
Matthew: Okay.
Stacey: Matthew, I’m getting a young stepson for you. He’s coming through. I’m so sorry, but I’m getting emotional. He’s saying, “Hi dad.” Do you understand?
Matthew: Yes. That’s awesome.
Stacey: Okay. Let’s work with him. He’s very close. Children come very close to me. I feel their emotions very strongly. Let me work with him for a minute. He’s working with my clairaudience. He’s saying, “Hi dad. It’s awesome that you’re on the line. I’ve been waiting for you. I’m over here. I’m doing great.” I’m going to give you what I’m seeing. I’m seeing a boy with dark, curly hair. He has darker skin. He’s holding a football. I’m getting 17 or 18 years old. Would you understand that, Matt?
Matthew: Yes.
Stacey: He’s taking me to his schoolyard. He was a football player. I’m seeing white and green on his jersey. I’m also seeing on his arm, he has a tattoo, a cross. Do you understand that?
Matthew: Yes. He didn’t have a tattoo, but I understand the message.
Stacey: He has this cross. It looks like a tattoo. Matt, you understand that he went very quickly, very fast to the other side. You understand the pain in the chest. Is that right?
Matthew: Yes, I understand that.
Stacey: You understand the pain in the chest. I’m getting a big “oomph” sound there. He said, “My dad is awesome. My dad is awesome.” He’s with you when you’re mowing the lawn. He’s showing the lawn mower. It makes me feel like this is something that he did with you. Do you understand mowing the lawn?
Matthew: Yes, I do. I understand that.
Stacey: Matthew, he was taken from you too quickly. But he wants you to know that, even though that happened, he’s still with you and his mother all the time. He’s been with you all through your recovery. Do you understand the word “recovery?”
Matthew: I understand the word “recovery.” Tell him that his mother is here. She’s listening on the radio in the other room.
Stacey: Wonderful. “Hi to mom,” he says. He’s hugging her. He’s picking her up off the ground. He was a big guy, this boy. He played sports. I’m seeing the football. He’s well known. A lot of friends. He’s bringing me to, you’re his stepdad. He’s your stepson. Is that right?
Matthew: Yes.
Stacey: You adopted him, he’s saying.
Matthew: Yes.
Stacey: You adopted him. Would you understand six or eight years old? Would you understand that?
Matthew: Yes, I’m six. I understand that.
Stacey: Was he six when you adopted him?
Matthew: No. It’s very significant him saying that he’s six.
Stacey: Okay. Like I said, it’s for you to interpret.
Matthew: Yes, I get that.
Stacey: He says, “Dad, not to relive this,” but there was a courtroom around Matthew’s passing? Someone was tried. Is that right?
Matthew: Yes.
Stacey: He’s showing this. He’s doing great. He wants you to know you did everything to bring justice here. He’s so thankful and grateful. This was a big relief for you and his mother. Is there a cat in your house or on the other side?
Matthew: We have a dog that’s the size of a cat.
Stacey: He’s showing this little animal. Maybe I just can’t see it. He’s around this little animal. He’s giving me a “J” name. Do you understand that?
Matthew: Yes.
Stacey: Was his name a “J” name?
Matthew: Yes.
Stacey: He’s bringing me to his mom right now.
Matthew: Should I put her on?
Stacey: He’s bringing me to his mother. He’s showing me his mother. He wants her to know that he wraps his big, muscly arms around her when she thinks of him. He puts his whole self around her and brings her so much love. He says, “I know she feels it from me.”
Matthew: Yes.
Stacey: She’s becoming more and more open. He’s giving me chills right now. That’s beautiful. He’s opening her up. He says that he hears her, everything that she says to him. He’s showing me a weight room. Was there a weight room in your house or did he lift weights?
Matthew: Yes.
Stacey: He’s showing that. He’s saying, “I’m still very strong over here.” Cowboys. Who is the Cowboys fan?
Matthew: I’m sure there is but I don’t know. It might be one of his friends. As you said, he was a football player.
Stacey: He’s also saying, “Northern Illinois” or “Utah.” Is that where he lived? He’s speaking really fast right now. I got Utah and Northern Illinois. Do you understand that?
Matthew: Yes.
Stacey: Can you explain that?
Matthew: We came to Northern Illinois from Utah. Jesse never came to Norther Illinois. Jesse passed in Utah.
Stacey: He wants you to know he’s in Northern Illinois now. He’s Spiritually with you.
Matthew: Yes. He was a senior in high school in Utah.
Stacey: Okay. That makes sense. He played football, right?
Matthew: Yes.
Stacey: Do you understand 17?
Matthew: Yes.
Stacey: Is this how old he was when he passed?
Matthew: Yes, it is.
Stacey: He’s giving that evidence. He’s saying that he’s with you on your way to work. He may be playing songs for you in your car or something. He’s showing me you on your way to work. He’s in the car with you. He likes being with you in the mornings.
Matthew: I’m a morning person.
Stacey: That would make sense.
Matthew: It’s because he’s around me. That’s why.
Stacey: He’s around you very early in the mornings. Back to his mom. I’m going to get a closing message here. He says, “We’re one, mom and me. We’re one.” He wants her to know it. He’s not separated from her. He’s still with her, loving her and helping her from the other side. If you could please give her that information. Thank you so much.
Matthew: I will. Thank you. She will be so grateful.
Stacey: Blessings to you and your family.
Matthew: Thank you, Stacey, so much.
Stacey: This is Gift of Spirit Radio. We are in Spiritual Reading Hour. I am Stacey Lynn on HealthyLife.net. We’ll be right back.

“He didn’t know how to fly, but he always said he thought he could fly a plane. It was an expression he always said.”

Stacey: We are back with Spiritual Reading Hour on Gift of Spirit Radio. I am Stacey Lynn with GiftofSpiritRadio.com. We are opening up the lines. Who do we have on the call today?
Stephanie: This is Stephanie.
Stacey: Hello. Welcome. How are you today?
Stephanie: Thank you.
Stacey: I feel your energy is really high.
Stephanie: Yes.
Stacey: Give me a minute to connect and we’ll see who’s here for you.
Stephanie: Okay.
Stacey: Stephanie, I have a blondish haired woman here. She’s saying, “Aunt Diane.” Do you know who this is?
Stephanie: Yes.
Stacey: Great. She is really good friends with your mom. Is that correct?
Stephanie: Yes, it is.
Stacey: Let me go to her and spend some time with her. Let’s see what she has for you. She’s bringing to you Hillary Clinton. Do you understand that reference?
Stephanie: Kind of, yes.
Stacey: She just brought that through. She’s laughing. She’s bringing me to five years ago. Would she have passed around five years ago?
Stephanie: Yes.
Stacey: She’s also bringing me to her heart and chest area. I’m feeling cancer, too. Would you understand that reference?
Stephanie: It was lung issues.
Stacey: I’m getting the chest area. That makes sense. Was she a smoker?
Stephanie: Yes. She had quit, but when she was younger.
Stacey: She’s saying that she’s around you and your brother. You have a brother, right?
Stephanie: Yes.
Stacey: She’s working with my senses. She’s showing me lots of houses lining up for you.
Stephanie: That makes sense. I’m a realtor.
Stacey: Okay. You understand her relationship with your mom. You understand that they were very good friends, right?
Stephanie: Yes.
Stacey: She died with the lungs. She’s helping you with the houses. She’s showing the houses across the board. She’s saying you’re a spitfire of a girl. You’re a really go-getter. That’s what she’s saying.
Stephanie: Yes.
Stacey: So was she. She’s saying that you and she are a lot alike. This go-getter spitfire in you. You are very much alike. Would you understand that?
Stephanie: Yes.
Stacey: She talks very loud. I’m trying to hear her. She laughs a lot. She drinks wine. She’s showing this white wine. Would that make sense?
Stephanie: I don’t know if I ever saw her drinking.
Stacey: She’s showing this wine glass. I have to give you what she’s showing. She’s bringing me to your youngest daughter. She’s showing me that this little girl is very open and very Spiritual, and that you’re going to raise her a little differently. Would you understand that?
Stephanie: Yes.
Stacey: She’s a little angel. She’s showing me the blonde hair on her. Who is seven years old?
Stephanie: My oldest daughter, but she’s going to be six soon.
Stacey: Okay, I’m getting a seven. I’m also feeling some male energy on the other side. I’m getting a grandfather on your father’s side. Is there a third in your family? He’s bringing through a third, like three generations.
Stephanie: My brother is a junior. Would that be it?
Stacey: Maybe. He’s also showing a pipe. This grandfather knew you when you were born. I have this Aunt Diane and I also have this grandfather. I’m hearing a third, third generations.
Stephanie: Could it be my great-grandfather?
Stacey: This is a grandfather. This is your father’s father. He’s bringing through a plane. It’s like a bi-plane, a small plane. Would this relate to him or your dad?
Stephanie: The plane relates to him.
Stacey: How does it relate to him?
Stephanie: He didn’t know how to fly, but he always said he thought he could fly a plane. It was an expression he always said.
Stacey: He said he’s around his two kids often. He had two kids?
Stephanie: My grandfather? Yes.
Stacey: There’s another one. There’s two in the beginning. Then he’s showing another one.
Stephanie: That’s correct, yes.
Stacey: Second marriage. I’m feeling that.
Stephanie: Exactly, yes.
Stacey: He was a smoker, too?
Stephanie: Yes.
Stacey: I am feeling some wheezing in his passing condition.
Stephanie: Yes, it was lung stuff as well.
Stacey: He’s saying that you’re a rock star. It must be in your work, that you’re a rock star with all these homes. You have to keep on going. They are working with you. There is some more work here with you, even commercial. I’m seeing buildings. Commercial real estate. I’m seeing that. It’s just beginning for you. There’s some commercial stuff that you’re going to get involved in. This is your heritage. This is your family. Your family has been in this business. Is that true?
Stephanie: Yes, they have been.
Stacey: Thank you. I have to close it off right now. This is Gift of Spirit Radio on HealthyLife.net. I’m Stacey Lynn and we’ll be right back after these messages.

“He’s not the one, honey. He’s not the one.” There’s someone else for you.”

Stacey: Welcome back to Gift of Spirit Radio, the Spiritual Reading Hour. I am Stacey Lynn. This has been a wonderful show so far. Thank you to all the callers that are calling in. It’s been an amazing connection with Spirit and so many hearts I can feel are being healed. People are being opened up to receive, which is very wonderful. We have a caller on the line. Welcome. Can you say your first name?
Andrea: Thank you. It’s Aondrea.
Stacey: Welcome, Aondrea. I feel a lot of artistry with you, right away coming in. I see paints. I see that you are an artist, right?
Andrea: Yes.
Stacey: I can see your paintings. They are beautiful.
Andrea: Thank you.
Stacey: As I go to Spirit, I see a young woman with blonde hair that is coming through. Would you understand?
Andrea: Yes.
Stacey: Is this a sister of yours?
Andrea: Yes.
Stacey: She is coming through. I can see her very clearly. She has blonde hair and it comes down to her shoulders. Would you understand that?
Andrea: Yes.
Stacey: Let me work with her. As she comes through, she looks young to me. She looks young, like in her 20s. Would that make sense?
Andrea: Yes. She was 21 when she passed.
Stacey: They can project how old they were when they crossed over, but they do grow up in Heaven. I’m feeling it was sudden. It was a tragic loss. Would you understand that?
Andrea: Yes.
Stacey: Was this an accident?
Andrea: Yes, it was a car accident.
Stacey: She’s showing me a car. She’s very strong for you. She’s been coming to you for quite some time.
Andrea: Yes, she has.
Stacey: Would you understand her saying, “Mom is okay? Mom is here.”
Andrea: No, mom is not passed at this point. She’s been having a little bit of health stuff.
Stacey: She’s coming through and saying, “Mom’s okay.” I think she doesn’t want you to worry about her. Would you understand her showing California?
Andrea: That’s where I am.
Stacey: That’s where she is, Spiritually with you. She’s showing this bookstore. Are you getting your paintings into a bookstore?
Andrea: No, they’re going into a gallery.
Stacey: She’s showing them going in somewhere. I saw a street and I saw books. She’s helping you with this from the other side. They can help us flourish here. That’s what she’s saying. She’s also showing a pen. Are you writing to her at this time?
Andrea: No, but I do write and connect.
Stacey: She’s showing writing around you. She’s inviting you to write her as a Spiritual connection with her. She’s inviting you to write. I’m hearing skate or skating.
Andrea: That’s interesting. I don’t know about that.
Stacey: Okay. Just write that down. Sometimes it comes in at another time when she connects with you. Would she be your only sister?
Andrea: No, I have seven sisters. She’s the youngest sister.
Stacey: Seven sisters, wow.
Andrea: Yes, well, seven girls altogether.
Stacey: I’m getting this name Gerry. She’s bringing me back to your mom. She wants you to know that she’s okay because she has had some health issues, as you commented on.
Andrea: She’s been getting weird sensations.
Stacey: She’s also showing your mom’s head. Is she having headaches or something going on in her head?
Andrea: I’m not sure. It’s more her pelvic area. Her knee has been bothering her.
Stacey: Is she seeing doctors for this right now?
Andrea: Yes, she’s checking things out.
Stacey: She’s saying, “Mom’s okay.” It’s the first thing she said when she came through. You understand baby sister?
Andrea: That would be her, unless she’s talking about my other youngest sister. But she is the baby sister.
Stacey: Would you understand how you keep everybody connected?
Andrea: I’m a connector.
Stacey: She’s saying to keep that going. She’s bringing up a man in your life. You understand that?
Andrea: Yes.
Stacey: She’s bringing up a man in your life. I think she’s helping you with this relationship or soon to be relationship.
Andrea: I just had a tragic breakup. I thought I was going to be engaged to this person.
Stacey: That’s what she’s bringing through. She’s holding your hand through this breakup. She wants you to know. Was it three years?
Andrea: We were together a year.
Stacey: What’s the three?
Andrea: I don’t know.
Stacey: One of the things that she’s saying is that he’s not the one. “He’s not the one, honey. He’s not the one.” There’s someone else for you. Your sister is going to help you find that man.
Andrea: Very cool.
Stacey: Write to her. Thank you so much for calling in. Blessings of Love and Spirit your way. We will be right back. This is Spiritual Reading Hour on Gift of Spirit Radio. I am Stacey Lynn with GiftofSpiritRadio.com on HealthyLife.net. We’ll be right back.

Stacey: Welcome back to the Gift of Spirit Radio Show. In closing, I want to say thank you all for calling in today. What a wonderful show we had. I love the Spiritual work of healing hearts. It’s amazing what Spirit can do for us to help us through and open our hearts. I invite you to spend some time in stillness either in nature or in meditation to open your hearts to this oneness, wholeness, love and this Spiritual opening and connection with our loved ones from the other side.

It’s there for all of us to experience.

It’s very common when a cherished loved one crosses over to Heaven that they work on us to open us up. Know that it’s possible. Believe. They are just a thought away and are still with you. It’s the love you have for one another that connects you forever, for all Eternity.
Thank you for joining us. I am Stacey Lynn with GiftofSpiritRadio.com. You have been listening to Gift of Spirit Radio on HealthyLife.net. I’ll see you next time. Blessings of Love and Spirit your way.

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