A Stepfather’s Promise

For the last 25 years, anytime we had car issues or needed a new car we called on my stepfather, Chuck in Ohio. Chuck, a retired car salesman of 40 years, knew everything there was to know about cars, and even in his retirement, he could set you up with a new car with “no funny business” where all you had to do was walk in and sign the papers.  My husband loved this about Chuck and called on him often when our car needed to be fixed. He knew whenever we needed to trade a car in or buy a brand-new car, we could count on Chuck to call one of the owners of the dealerships to set us up nicely. Chuck would always say, “I promise you they will take care of you.”

Chuck transitioned to the Heavens on May 21st, 2018, and the week of the 1st anniversary of his passing, my 10-year old Buick Enclave was showing signs that it was time for a new car. The engine light was back on, and it was making a noise. We had put quite a few funds into this car in the last 2 years to keep it going; however, it was time to trade it in for a new one. My husband and I were unsure how we were going to go about buying a new car without Chuck’s help and advice. I knew I loved the smooth, quite sound of my Buick Enclave, and I wanted the same again, although the Buick/GMC dealerships were not offering 0% financing. My husband placed an inquiry online to gather some information about the new Buick Enclaves.

A Stepfather's PromiseThe week of the anniversary of Chuck’s passing, I was driving my car, and a song came on the radio by Chuck Mangione – “Feels so Good.”  Right at that moment, I got chills and felt Chuck in Spirit. I teared up then my phone lit up, and I saw a message from “Woody Woodring,” the president of Woody Buick, pop up on my phone. I immediately looked up and saw a street sign I had never seen before, “WoodChuck Ln!“ My entire being was filled with chills in this moment. I pulled over and read the email! I began crying feeling Chuck so near to my heart.

Hello Stacey,

This is Woody Woodring, President here at Woody Buick GMC. I wanted to thank you again for your online inquiry. I know my team has provided you with all the information you needed. I also want to let you know I’m available at any time, as well.

I assume you’re satisfied with the information. However, additional discounts are available off of our advertised sale price! Call us directly for details.

You can reach me directly at (630)-291-4961, or simply reply to this email.

Thank You,

Woody Woodring
Woody Buick GMC

The amazing thing is, my husband made the inquiry to schedule a call with a salesperson, and Woody was emailing me!!! How can this be?  Chuck! We made an appointment with Woody that Saturday and went in to meet him. When I met Woody, he reminded me so much of Chuck, his demeaner, his no nonsense way, and even the way he walked. He shared with us, “I promise we will take good care of you.”  He recommended we drive the GMC Acadia and that as of this year, it had the Buick smooth, quiet system and that it was White, the color I wanted.  He offered us 0% financing.  After, we spoke with him he introduced us to a man who would take it from here. Woody said if you have any problems or questions to let him know. The young man sat down after Woody left and said, “Are you Woody’s family?”  He usually does not get involved like this unless you are family. My eyes welled up with tears.

We went for a drive; I knew right away the Acadia was for me. We signed the papers and were out the door with our new car.

Two weeks later, my tire light came on in the new car. I took it into the dealership to find out I had run over a screw that was in my tire. I was waiting in the service lobby for the car when Woody approached me and said, “Nice to see you, what are you doing here?” I told him I had run over a screw. He said, “I’ll check it out for you.” A few minutes went by, and he returned and asked me to hold out my hand. He placed a screw in the palm of my hand and said, “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of it.” This time I felt Chuck even stronger. The flood gates opened, and the tears rolled down my face. Chuck would always say, “I’ll take care of it,” whenever we needed help with our cars.  It “feels so good” to know; Chuck kept his promise!  “I promise you they will take care of you!”

BELIEVE our loved ones in Spirit in Heaven can still help us the way they used to help us when they were here on earth, and it is magical!!

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