Announcing The Gift of Spirit Radio Show

gift of spiritStacey Lynn is a gifted Chicago area Spiritual Medium and Spiritual Teacher with the Divine Heavenly connection.  Beginning Friday, Sept 4, 2015.  CHSR HealthyLife.Net-The Positive Radio Network will broadcast “Gift of SPIRIT with Stacey Lynn” on Fridays between 9-10 am Pacific Time at
Stacey believes we are all endowed with Spiritual Gifts, and she is here to be a personal guide and Spiritual teacher to help those understand, tap into and be in their gifts to live their truth in work and in life.
Listeners of the show can call in at 800-555-5453 to receive a Spiritual Reading or for Q&A  The show is geared to help listeners tune in to discover feelings of love, healing & forgiveness through Heartfelt Spirit Communication with the Divine and your departed in Heaven.
Stacey’s radio show is part of the Healthy Life radio network which features all positive web talk radio.  Healthy Life radio network launched October 1, 2002 and is is broadcasted on 62+ syndicated/simulcast distribution channels. Healthy Life radio reaches over 130 countries and more than 1,240 U.S. cities in all 50 States. Including streams on Internet radio stations and networks in the U.S., England, Europe and Asia; Radio Locator Sites, Mobile, WiFi, In-Cars, Tablets, SmartTVs, Roku™, Smartphones, SmartWatches and private radio stations for the blind, retail stores, prisons and more.
To learn more about Stacey Lynn’s radio show “Gift of Spirit w/Stacey Lynn” or about her work, listen to show archives, or schedule a reading by visiting her website at, or They can also visit her Touching 1 Million Hearts Facebook Community

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