Divine Oneness Meditation

During our episode there is a meditation. If you are driving or operating a vehicle, you will need to pull over and stop your car for this audio meditation.

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Welcome to the Gift of Spirit radio show. I am Stacey Lynn, your host.

When we begin to meditate, there is a process of moving one’s attention from the mind to the breath, then to the heart space. When you are just focused on the breath, you are not in the mind thinking thoughts. You can’t be in two places at once. If your attention moves from the breath back to the mind just return your attention to the breath.

The process is allowing, letting go and surrendering in the stillness. When we let go in stillness within meditation, go inward and are present in the moment, we are allowing and in a peaceful place.  The first step in the process is to tune in to the peace within us. Through allowing you feel your Spirit, what you are, your wholeness. If you feel pressure or you are “trying,” you are not in a place of allowing, and this breaks the Spiritual connection. Release pressure and still the mind, be aware of what is holding you back, and let go.

During meditation when we relax the body, breathe and let go, the Divine energy within us begins to free us from the outside world bringing us to the presence within and we feel our true nature again, we feel our truth, our Spirit. It is in this meditative state of our own Spirit that we experience a higher vibration of Peace, Love, Joy and Harmony. Peace is the highest vibration and when we are here, we can connect to the Divine higher consciousness, to our loved ones in Spirit. It is a Spirit to Spirit connection. Choose Love and be in wonder, let go and go within to receive the Divine.

In this episode, we’ll have three callers share their experience with meditation. As these callers shared, when you first start meditating, don’t be discouraged if you feel that “it doesn’t start to happen” right away. With practice, you will start to communicate and connect with the Heavenly Realm through your own process of development.

Katie Shares Her Experience with Learning How to Meditate

I first started meditating about four or five years ago. I had this quest to learn how to calm myself, collect myself. I had a strong interest in getting to know the Spirit World a little bit more. I started that four or five years ago after doing some reading about it.

It was a bit slow at first. I had to stick with it. I wasn’t sure what to expect. What I first started to notice was that I was sleeping better at night. It really calmed down my nervous system. It helped me to feel relaxed.

I even learned how to breathe again. They teach you how to breathe from your diaphragm. It’s amazing what that does to your body and your natural state. Since you feel so great, things tend to open up from there.

A couple of months into meditating, I started experiencing different things. It was more from an energetic standpoint, or shall I say, Spiritual things, that really peaked my interest. It seemed to develop itself because I was in practice consistently.

Katie Shares Her Spiritual Experiences During Meditation

I had relatives come to me who are in Spirit. I knew it was them. I had a couple of different experiences. One was my mother. Another one was my grandfather. When you know what it’s like to be around them when they were here in the body, and then to have that same feeling on an energetic level, you know it’s them.

It’s like your energy is blending, and you’re in the same room again. It’s the most loving, warm and exciting experience. I remember crying after each time, only because I just wanted to stay there in that space with them forever. It was such a beautiful experience. It was more about conveying messages like, “I’m still here. I’m with you. I love you.” It was about experiencing that presence that you yearn for every day.

I think the connection got stronger and better. I think part of their role was to come in and access points of grief and healing that wouldn’t otherwise be possible. Once I did more of that, more of the love comes through. It’s almost like they share a joy and excitement in helping you get to a new level of healing, that you otherwise may not be able to access without having had that experience.

They’re not really gone. They’re with us more than we think. We’re just so distracted by the here and now. When you go into meditation and all of that other noise goes away, you experience them as fully as you would, as if they were in a body. It’s just on an energetic level. The crying was a good kind of cry. You know when you cry and feel so much better afterward? It was tears of joy.

Some people become afraid of that, to experience more sadness. But it’s such a healing emotion. Your body is releasing the sadness that it doesn’t need to carry around. This new experience validates they’re still with you.

The more that I connect and meditate with them, the more they can reach me in an awakened state, like if I need inspiration.

I might say, “Mom or Grandpa, guide me. I need some help or support. I need some clarification.” Then something will come to you. Something will remind you of them or give you insights that you didn’t have before you asked the question.

For instance, I was trying to find my way to an important meeting. I was in a city that I wasn’t familiar with. I thought, “What do I do?” I had my navigation system on, but I was still confused.

I remember saying, “Mom and Grandpa, if you’re out there, just help me.” I got this flash of, “Turn after the red car.” I thought, “What?” I didn’t see a red car. All of a sudden, in oncoming traffic, there was a red SUV that made a left turn in front of me. As soon as I looked up at the street sign, it was the right street. It was the street that I had been looking for.

The biggest thing is to trust it and to try and act on it in some way. I think it validates that you can receive more so, than what you’re getting. Once you do that, you have more and more faith and belief in the process. It brings it out more and more often in your life. They truly are there helping us. It’s really amazing.

It happens very often. Sometimes when I go into meditation, the purpose isn’t necessarily to connect with them, but to connect with Spirit or myself. Now I trust and allow those people to come in whenever there is a need.

But they are always there when I ask them to be there. It’s what you need at the time. They often do respond when you ask them to come and be there. I felt the sense of a loved one holding hands, coming in and coming closer to me energetically. That’s such an amazing experience. You’re surrounded by love.

It’s this energetic love that surrounds you all day. It’s like a big hug.

Lisa Shares Her Healing Experience with Meditation

I have been meditating for a little over 16 years.

I had a rough pregnancy with a lot of complications. A week after I gave birth, they discovered that I had lymphoma through the whole pregnancy. About 16 years ago, I started a 16-month process of chemotherapy on Fridays. From that experience, I learned to go within. After the first couple months of the initial chemotherapy treatments, I started developing anxiety before the treatments. I knew the side effects that I was going to go through. That is when I started to go within, and it was amazing. It was life changing.

I felt more at peace, more harmonious. I felt more accepting of what I was going through. When I say “accepting,” I felt, “Let’s do this. Let’s do the treatments.” I wasn’t fighting it. For my experience, the chemotherapy was an IV drip. I just allowed it to flow in, do what it needed to do, and flow back out. I visually saw it. I meditated within to see it. I always felt a loving presence with me.

At first, it was just feeling. I did see some colors. It was usually purple and green. It felt very loving. It felt like someone was there with me as I was going through it, within my meditation.

It was so amazing. I discovered that, once I allowed myself to go within, I could feel that loving presence. That loving presence was within me. I didn’t need to seek it from an outside source. It was always within me. It was beautiful. I loved it.

I experienced other people coming in, loved ones that had passed. Other loving beings would come in and speak with me. I never felt fear going within. If it was a new loving energy coming in, it was graceful and loving. I never felt anything other than that.

Meditation taught me to love myself, which in turn, allowed me to love others. I loved myself first and realized that I will only be loved as much as I feel I am worthy of. The more I felt the love from the other side, the more I felt the love within me. I knew that there was this all-encompassing love we all have. We’re all one.

My favorite meditation when I go in, is dissolving all limitations of my physical body. If I am sitting next to a plant, I dissolve the limitations of my physical body, and dissolve the holder that the plant is in. We all become one. It is all encompassing. “Absorb into each other. We are one.” It’s absorbing into different energies, experiences and different beings.

Craig Shares His Experience with Learning How to Meditate

Back in the 80s, I meditated as part of a very traditional Martial Arts study. I studied Korean Martial Arts with a renowned master. We began every practice with an almost-guided meditation. It was very physically based. We relaxed our bodies and minds.

Many years later, after having studied Buddhism, Christianity and other religions for many years, I met Stacey. I was in a place where I was praying for help. I was on my way to a friend’s restaurant. I suddenly decided to go to a networking event. I walked in, and Stacey looked at me like she knew me. I knew that I didn’t know her. Stacey came up to me and said she had something very odd to share with me.

We spoke about some things and Stacey and I started working together about 18 months ago. She was an answer to my prayers. At that time, Stacey said that she had seen me in her meditations, and was guided to that event to meet me.

I agree. That’s certainly what I’ve experienced. It was not my intent to go to that event at that time, and there was Stacey. I’ve been meditating, formally, about 18 months, with Stacey’s guidance.

I’ve heard other people tell me stories that are similar to what I’ve experienced, so it’s not me alone. Every now and then, I’ll come across a bright, shiny penny or dime. I live in a high-rise condo. One time, I went downstairs to meditate. I walked right by three picnic tables. I sat at the end of one of them. I was meditating for about 35 to 40 minutes. I got up and felt a little bit disoriented. I turned around, and there in the middle of the picnic table that I had walked by, was a bright, shiny penny. I don’t believe it was there before I meditated.

Now I walk through every day in a state of amazement. For me, although I do try to meditate, sit, close my eyes, ground myself and go through the various visualization exercises, it’s almost more constant. Most days, I am joyous. I feel in awe as I walk through the day. There are various conversations that I may have with individuals that are awe-inspiring. I feel like I’m a conduit for Spirit to work through me to help people I’m interacting with.

For example, I’m a financial planner. As I sit with someone that I know I’m not able to help with financial planning, I realize there is something else that they need help with. I’m able to suddenly find the words to say and offer them guidance in a way that neither of us have expected. Similarly, people come to me and offer me guidance, support and direction. All of a sudden, they appear. They just show up.

Stacey Shares Her Spiritual Insights about Meditation

We are talking about meditation and Spiritual connection within meditation. We can feel this amazing healing within our hearts, from feeling the Spiritual love of the other side of the Heavenly Veil, whether it’s our Spiritual Loved Ones, Spiritual Teachers, Angels, Guides or God.

They are helping you open up to receive and to heal. They want us to be happy here. They want us to go on and know that everything is going to be okay, even though they’re not here in the Real World. They are with us from a Spiritual Place.

When you ask, you can receive right away. You know how possible it is to connect with Sprit in meditation. Knowing that and believing that, and then allowing it to show up in the physical world really allows it to show up.

We are all connected here. We can feel that within meditation. We can feel this “oneness.” We can have compassion for one another and connection. A piece of me is in a piece of you.

Spirit is infiniteness, infinite possibility and limitlessness of your body. We are all one and whole. We can feel that. Those are benefits of meditation. We can feel solely connected as one within the energy. We’re all energy. We’re all Spirit, within our bodies, within matter. We’re all Spiritually connected within the energy. That feeling of feeling limitless, vast, whole and unconditional love is Healing 101.

I have also heard that meditation is extremely healing. When you are in the Spiritual Energy within meditation, you can be healed. Anything is possible with God. Within this meditation place, this medium for healing and Spiritual connection, you can experience this loving presence.

I am so excited that we spoke about this today, about meditation being a medium for healing and Spiritual connection. It is open to all of us. Our Departed Loved Ones who cross over into the Divine Light open us up and light our path. It’s beautiful.

It is a Spiritual Awakening and Enlightenment. Choose love and be open to receive from the Divine within meditation. Allow this to happen. Meditation is the medium to develop this Spiritual connection with our loved ones. It’s a medium for healing, especially healing a grieving heart. We can achieve so much more within meditation. It’s all for our highest good.

People have been transforming their lives for thousands of years through meditation. We can do it, too. If you have breath, you can meditate. Anyone can. Meditation is the key to unlock the door to Spirit within that lights your path and Spirit above, to feel love and oneness.

Practice, practice, practice. Start with five minutes a day and move up to 20 or 30 minutes. Do it daily. Know that it’s a journey. It’s healing. It’s oneness to your Inner Spirit to experience your truth, open your heart and receive the Divine. Thank you for joining us. Namaste.

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