In Awe of Spirit

Last Friday, I demonstrated the Gift of Spirit bringing through Spirit for a live audience. I am always amazed at what Spirit has planned for the evening and most times I too am surprised on a very personal level as to what Spirit has in store for me on that night and the days following.
Spirit has surprised me on more than one occasion.
Before one live event this year, I had given a Spiritual Reading to a mother earlier in the day and her young daughter in Spirit came through and brought through messages about her cat in the Spiritual Reading. Every time her daughter brought the evidentiary messages about the cat her daughter would say “Mommy” to me before she described her cat. I didn’t mention “Mommy” as she was bringing the messages through to her Mom on the phone. Her daughter in Spirit was able to describe the cat and what the cat does. At the end of the Spiritual Reading, I asked the mother, what was the cat’s name?” The mother responded, “My daughter could not pronounce the cat’s name, so she called it, “Mommy Cat.” That day I learned a lesson to always say everything I see, hear and feel from Spirit in a reading. Then, that evening at the Gift of Spirit Gala live event I shared this story about “Mommy Cat” with the audience. There was a woman in the front row who at the end of the event raised her hand and said, “I didn’t get a reading tonight, though I did receive a message. I came here because my cat is ailing, and I wondered where she would be when she passed. My cat’s name is Mommy Cat.”
I was in AWE as was everyone in the room.
Spirit has a way of connecting the dots in a synchronistic way bringing people together for healing.
In the past year or so, I have given 10 Gift of Spirit Gala live events giving live Spiritual readings to an audience, touching many hearts with evidentiary loving heartfelt messages from their departed in Heaven. I always say it is rare for the same Spirit to make a second appearance at these live events, especially if we are at full capacity with standing room only as we were at last Friday’s event. If a loved one in Spirit comes through a second or third time at these events, it is because they are bringing a very timely and important message to their recipient in the audience.
The last Spiritual reading of the evening was for a daughter sitting in the last row, I recall a “Carol” coming through in Spirit who was motherly/grandmotherly. This woman in the very back raised her hand. As I begun to bring messages from “Carol” in Spirit to this woman she mentioned this woman’s son was with her in Spirit. I knew as soon as I connected with this son in Spirit that he was very familiar and had come through before. He was a musician/singer the “Front man” in the band. He was very lively in Spirit full of personality and definitely a showman.

He brought through a lot of evidence about himself, including the band had gone “National” and he had a very important timely message for his mother in the audience. The message he brought through was that he knows she has not seen the band play since his passing, and he asked her to “Give it up and go see them play,” letting her know that he too would be up there playing in Spirit and she would feel him. She responded she hasn’t seen the band play since her son passed. He also told her that he is her “Rock N’ Roll Angel.” She responded that something was just made that said, “Rock N Roll Angel.” A few days later, after the event, I receive an email from this mother saying she was “In AWE” to see the attached invite from her son’s band to attend a local concert coming up in June. She also mentioned she had unsubscribed from their mailing list a year ago.

A definite sign from her son to validate his timely healing message so she could feel his LOVE!
I always say to the audience come with your hearts open, as you too will feel the LOVE and AWE from Spirit. Sometimes, the messages that come through for others in the audience are for you too in a very synchronistic way.

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