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Welcome to Gift of Spirit Radio. I am Stacey Lynn, your host, Spiritual Medium and Spiritual Teacher of the Gift of Spirit. Today on the show, we’re going to talk about manifesting with Spirit, receiving help and guidance from behind the Heavenly Veil.

Did you know that you can ask for help from your loved ones in Spirit, and that the help can show up within days, hours or minutes? This happens, and it is miraculous. On the show today, we’ll be hearing from callers who will be sharing their own stories of how their departed loved ones in Spirit have helped them bring their intentions, wishes and dreams to fruition.

Stacey Shares Her Insights about Manifesting with Spirit

Spirit can help manifest our dreams, desires and wants into the present reality.

Let me share with you my own recent personal story of how this has happened for me. Let’s take the Gift of Spirit Radio Show, for instance. About a year ago,  in November, I was answering some questions online pertaining to where I see myself in a few years. These were questions pertaining to manifesting my own dreams into my present reality.

I answered one of these questions stating, “With an intention that I see myself in three years hosting my own radio show, sharing this beautiful gift of Spirit.” I brought my intention here. I visualized what I would be doing as a radio show host. I felt I would love it. I felt pure joy at that moment. At that time, I asked Spirit to help me manifest this. I know how much Spirit can help us. After I wrote this, I said, “And so it is.” I let it go.

I put it out there. I must say, I forgot about this. It wasn’t four months later that I was invited to be on a radio show as a guest Spiritual Medium. It was on the radio show here on Healthy Life, Dare to Dream Radio. Shortly after the show aired, I was asked to join the radio network as a radio show host of my own show.

The funny thing is, I forgot I had put it out there with Spirit, that I really wanted to be a radio show host. It was a dream. I didn’t connect the dots that Spirit helped me manifest this into my own reality until this last November when a website emailed me. It is Notes from the Universe website. It emailed me after a year of subscribing where I answered those questions of manifestation, informing me it was time to renew my profile.

You can imagine how surprised I was and how I felt when I received the congratulating email on my new radio show one year later. I was elated, full of gratitude and so thankful that Spirit manifested this to happen in less than a year. What I’ve learned in my work as a Spiritual Medium is that, working alongside Spirit to manifest what you want, your intentions and dreams, into reality happens faster than you can ever imagine.

Stacey Shares How to Manifest with Spirit

How do you do it? How do you work alongside Spirit, your loved ones in Heaven, to help manifest your dreams, intentions and wishes into your present reality? I’m going to teach you a few things and how you can make this happen right now. In my work as a Spiritual Medium and Spiritual Teacher and Coach, I ask Spirit for help all the time.

When I connect with Spirit to bring evidential messages to my clients to heal their grieving hearts. When I teach meditation workshops, I also ask Spirit to come in to raise the vibration in the room, for everyone there to have a Spiritual experience. When I host the radio show, I call on Spirit. When I speak on a platform or coach my clients.

It’s really become second nature for me to ask Spirit for help. Just the other day, I was looking for a parking place. My husband said, “Can you ask for some help?” Sure enough, I asked my Angels and the parking place appeared. With manifesting the Spirit, there’s a little more to the process. Sometimes it’s just asking.

First, you must believe Spirit, your loved ones in Heaven, have your back and are working for you and alongside you to make your dreams come true. You must put it out there with Spirit, with your mother, father, sister, brother, grandparents, son or daughter on the other side in the Heavens. Put out there what you need help with and what it is you want to manifest in your own life.

Next, you must place your awareness in the world, staying open to who and what is showing up around you. Take steps to explore the who and what that is showing up. Be in this place of observation in the world without any type of judgement. Just observe what’s happening around you. Be open, curious and in wonder how Spirit is going to work for you.

You must be in this place of positively expecting it. You need to have positive expectation. Expect to see it showing up or happening within days, hours or minutes. Act as if it is coming. It’s already on your timeline. Better yet, act as if it has happened. Acting “as if” is vibrational living. That means that your being is acting as if it’s already happened. Your being is living in a higher vibration. Why is that important? Our loved ones in Heaven are in a higher place in the Heavens, so they vibrate very high. When I do this work as a Spiritual Medium, I have to raise my vibration in order to make the connection with Spirit and work with Spirit.

It makes sense that, if we are working alongside Spirit on Earth, we need to raise our vibration to make things happen for us faster. Rise up. Keep your vibration up. Think positively. Visualize your dreams coming true. Expect the greatest things to happen in your life. Know that you are not doing this alone. That’s really important. You have a lot of help on the other side.

You are co-creating with your loved ones in Heaven. It’s happening right now. Everything that exists is energy, and it vibrates high, Spiritually and on Earth. We are Spiritual beings having a sense of physical experience here, not the other way around. We can do this. We can raise our vibrational energy high enough to manifest with Spirit, with our loved ones in Heaven.

Remember, our thoughts become feelings, which create our reality. Have thoughts of your dreams coming true, which will produce feelings of joy, excitement, happiness, gratitude and love. Act as if it’s happening right now. Spirit is working for you. Expect to see it show up in your reality. You manifest faster with Spirit when you maintain this higher vibration.

Stacey Talks About Visualizing Our Dreams

You know what you want to manifest. These are your dreams. Have a clear intention. Focus on it daily with Spirit. Expect it to happen with certainty. They’re working to help you here. It’s happening right now in your present reality.

Here is a story that is coming to me right now. A couple of years ago, I was on a platform doing group gallery readings. A mother in Spirit came through for one of the women in the audience. It was amusing to me because the mother coming through had long straight blonde hair down her back and was fair. The woman who was in the audience had very dark hair. She was Italian and spoke Italian.

But I had to go with it. I knew it was her mother. I got the feeling. This mother said, “I reminded you today of your dream while you were in the shower. Remember? You always wanted to be a talk show host back in college.”

This woman in the audience gasped and said, “Oh my God! I had chills in the shower today remembering how, in college, I had this dream of having my own talk show.” Her mom said, “It can still come true and I’m helping you. I brought you to that today.” This woman in the audience shared that she thought she was too old to follow her dream now. Sometimes our dreams get reignited halfway through our life. Her mom coming through and sharing happened for a reason.

Our dreams don’t dry up. They’re within us for very good reason. It’s for us to be in that joy of seeing our dreams coming true, which are here to help many people here on Earth. I want you to start to visualize your dreams. Remember them. Write them down. Ask Spirit for help. Ask specific loved ones on the other side, whether it’s your mom, dad, grandma, son or daughter. Ask them for help.

Spirit is very clever. They will show up in the nick of time and bring you signs to let you know that this door is opening, and they’re helping you. They will help you manifest it into your own reality quite faster than you could ever imagine. We’re taking callers to share their stories and how Spirit has helped them manifest their dreams, intentions and wishes. I’m excited for those of you calling in with your experiences. They are real. It’s not made up.

Spirit can come through and help us in the most amazing ways, to light our path, to remember the things we wanted to do when we were kids. Some of us have received this type of help. They can communicate with us in the real world with signs, or like what this woman received in the shower. It was a remembrance that this was her college dream, to have a talk show.

They can come through in your dreams. It’s the number one way to let you know, “Hey, remember this? There’s something here.” Follow this to make it happen. They can help you so much from the other side than they could ever help you here. It’s amazing.

I have another story of how I was reminded in my mid-40s that I had a dream to help a lot of people. I had this whole thing happen with coaching. It showed up out of the blue. I had people start calling me, letting me know that they’ve been thinking of me lately, and that I should look into becoming a coach.

This is what I’ve done naturally my entire life. It happened three times within a week. These are ways that Spirit can help us by bringing people into our lives and having our phone ring. They can come through in our sleep to remind us. Let’s see who we have on the line right now.

Louann Shares Her Experiences of Manifesting With Spirit

Louann:    Hi, Stacey. This is Louann.

Stacey:    Louann, welcome to the show. Thanks for calling in. I’m so excited to have you on the radio show. Please share with us how Spirit has helped you manifest your dreams lately.

Louann:    Within this last month, I had a cousin visiting me. She has been an employee of the government for a long time. She’s an IRS agent. I was joking with her that it was great that she had this wonderful life and career. After she left, she said, go on and give it a whirl. I thought, “Fat chance that there will be something there for me in the interior design world.”

I went online and, lo and behold, there is this position available with a five-day window to apply. It requires a move. I thought, “I don’t really know about that.” I read into it a little bit more and it’s the VA facility. I think about and talk to my dad a lot. He passed away several years ago. I’ve progressed in this over the last week. I was on the phone with the facility, arranging a phone interview when I got a text from you.

You’ve been my friend for a long time but I hadn’t talked to you in 10 months. I had a feeling over the period of this unique experience that this was tied to my dad. He passed away a couple of years ago. He was a vet. We had spent a lot of time at the VA hospital. He always wanted me to be a nurse but my acclimations were in a different direction. I’m in the interior design world. I had a feeling that, because of this position becoming available, it was the only thing there.

It was interesting to me. When I was finally able to contact you and catch up, I was amazed. You couldn’t have possibly known. I’ve been keeping this under wraps. It’s happening so fast. Lo and behold, you saw my dad in front of the VA, saying that he did this for me. I think it’s amazing. I can’t summon up any other way to say it. It is something that he’s assisting in, and you were there to let me know. I appreciate that so much.

Stacey:    What’s amazing is, I think subconsciously, when you heard it was for the VA, knowing how much time you spent with your dad at the VA, that it was a sign from your father. He was letting you know, “Hey, Louann. You put this out there that you wanted this new position.” I believe you mentioned that it had a pension, because your current job doesn’t have one.

Louann    Exactly. I want some security.

Stacey:    You put it out there. You said, “This next half of my life, I really want to be in a position with security and a pension.” You put it out there. After you had those feeling and thoughts, when did this position show up for you?

Louann:    It was almost immediate. It had never crossed my mind until my cousin said that she was going to have a pension, and that you’d need to work for them for 10 years. That’s about the length of time that I’ll be working until I retire. I was perfect.

Stacey:    It showed up right away.

Louann:    Yes. She no sooner was on the plane, I came back and went on the website to see if they had anything. I didn’t believe that kind of field would be something that I’d find there.

Stacey:    And it was right there, interior designer, right?

Louann:    Exactly.

Stacey:    Where are you now with this? This happened quite recently for you, right?

Louann:    It’s all been very recent. The application went in just hours before the position closed, which was on the 7th of December. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it, and how wonderful it would be. I love the idea. I mentioned this in my cover letter. I hadn’t ever been to a VA facility until my father became ill. I wasn’t sure if he was doing the right thing by going to the VA.

Maybe he should go elsewhere. My impression in my mind was that it was not a warm, happy, healthy environment. I expected something decrepit and decaying. When I was there, I was so pleasantly surprised. Not only was it a visually pleasing type of environment, but the staff was very engaging with my father. They appreciated him and his service. That was an eye opener to me.

My father served in the Korean War. Throughout his life, there was not a whole lot of discussion about it. I didn’t realize there would be this appreciation. I came to feel very proud toward him and appreciate that aspect of his life. I would love to, in a way, continue to work with my dad and be with him through other people there at the facility.

Stacey:    When is your interview?

Louann:    Today.

Stacey:    We want to send you so much love right now. I’m asking Spirit, everyone around you, Louann, and all of your Angels to help you make this come to life. It’s really what you’re here to do. Your dad is working so hard to help this come true for you. I’m sending you lots of love and blessings. You dad is right with you. This wouldn’t have showed up if it wasn’t for him helping you, especially with the sign about the VA. Thank you, Louann, for calling in. This is beautiful evidence of how Spirit helps us manifest what we want in this life. This is Gift of Spirit Radio. We will be back after the break.

Mary Shares Her Experiences of Manifesting With Spirit

Stacey:    Welcome back to Gift of Spirit Radio Show. We are talking today about manifesting with our loved ones in Heaven in Spirit. We have Mary on the phone. Hi, Mary. Thanks for calling in. Welcome to the Gift of Spirit Radio Show.

Mary:    Hi, Stacey. It’s nice to talk to you today.

Stacey:    I know Mary. I’m so glad that she was able to get through and call in. Mary, please share with us how your loved ones in Heaven helped you here with your life, intentions, wishes and dreams.

Mary:    It’s been really difficult. Two years ago, our wonderful son Mitch suddenly died at 26. We were devastated. We didn’t know what to do with our lives. We owned a furniture store here in Mishawaka, Indiana called The Futon Factory. We were so upset about his sudden passing that we thought we should close our store down.

We didn’t think we’d be able to go on anymore doing something, even though we loved it. We were devastated. He died in June two and a half years ago. You were such a big help to us. We thought we were going to close our store down completely because we didn’t think we’d be able to do any more business. We wanted to call the liquidator to get rid of it for us, but he wasn’t able to help. All of a sudden, out of the blue, another man in town who had a large furniture store was able to see me.

I said, “Just take it. We’re done.” He said, “No, I’d like you to stay on. We’re going to have new business for you. You run the place. We’ll make it bigger and better. I know you can do this.” I didn’t think I could. I wasn’t sure about any of this. Sure enough, I had spoken with you and Mitch had come through, which was such a blessing. He said, “Mom, I organized this. You’ve got to do this. This is good for you. I’m right here with you. I’m at the cash register. I’m standing by you. You can make this business work.”

There were so many other wonderful things that you were able to bring through to us that we didn’t know about. We were able to connect with Mitch in such an unbelievable way.

Stacey:    I have chills. I see Mitch right now. Go ahead.

Mary:    He is an amazing young man. Now, two and a half years later, we are running a large, successful store. We are not only the Futon Factory but now we’re Andy’s Furniture in Mishawaka with a wonderful man who owns this store. He has given me the freedom to run it and grow. I know that none of this would have happened during such a terrible time unless Mitch was right there with us, as he has been and is right now.

Stacey:    That’s so beautiful, Mary. I have chills through my whole body. That means that Spirit is very close. Mitch is saying he turned the lights back on to The Futon Factory. He was giving me this information about when he came through in the Spiritual reading that he turned the lights back on. You couldn’t bear much more. He showed that he was able to help you. That spiritual reading happened right after the owner walked in, that he said he orchestrated. He brought him to you to make this happen.

Mary:    Exactly. Not only did this man do this, but he has become a dear friend. We have become very successful. I love being with the people again. I was able to take this terrible pain and sorrow, and channel it into other things, to help other people, and be back in the business that I always loved.

Stacey:    That is beautiful. You mentioned Mitch standing by the cash register. It’s still growing. He gave you that hope, guidance and light. “Mom, I’m going to help you take care of this.” Spirit can do so much for us on the other side in Heaven than they could ever do for us here. It is so amazing. I remember, that same week, that he helped his brother-in-law sell his truck. He showed him in the Spiritual Reading a fan of money. He said, “$8,000.” Do you remember that, Mary?

Mary:    Yes, it was unbelievable. They had to sell their truck to get fertility treatment because they wanted to have a baby. They weren’t having any luck. They put it out in front of our store. Within a day or two, a man came in with $8,000 cash. I had heard from you that Mitch had taken care of all of that. To have this man walk in and offer our daughter and son-in-law, and in cash, was unbelievable.

Stacey:    Mitch brought that through in your Spiritual Reading. I think it was the day or two after that. It was to let you know, “Mom, I’m taking care of business for you. Don’t worry about it.” From that $8,000 came the help that your daughter and son-in-law needed. From what I understand, you have a new grandson, right?

Mary:    We have a beautiful grandson, Jacob, who is almost 8 months old. He is a blessing from above. We know that Mitched helped with that. They were having so much trouble. They didn’t think they could have a baby. We’re so thankful. I know Mitch was involved with all of this. I never was a believer before, Stacey, until you were able to bring him through to us. It’s just amazing.

Stacey:    You know, Mary, that anything that you need help with here, you can ask Mitch and your mother that I see. You can ask them for help with anything that you need. There is prayer as well to God and asking for help from your Angels. This show today is about letting people know that our dear loved ones in Heaven in Sprit can help us as well. They prove it to us. They are so close. They’re just a thought away. They will help you.

It will be in the nick of time. Mitch is so strong for your family. He will continue to shine his light on you. He will continue to help you with everything that you need here. He’s with you always. He came through in your Spiritual Reading so strong with such specific evidence to let you know that, “Mom, I’ve taken care of business. The lights are back on.” He showed the $8,000 fan of money.

Mary:    Stacey, I can’t thank you enough. This means more than I can say to you.

Stacey:    Mary, thank you so much. This is so beautiful. I know it wasn’t easy for you to call in. Just know how many people that you are helping by sharing how your son has helped your family. I’m sending you love. We will be right back on the Gift of Spirit Radio Show at I am Stacey Lynn, your host.

Delores Shares Her Experiences of Manifesting With Spirit

Stacey:    Welcome back to Gift of Spirit Radio on I am Stacey Lynn, your host, Spiritual Medium of the Gift of Spirit. We are talking today about manifesting with our loved ones in Heaven who are able to help us here fulfill our dreams. We’ve heard from some callers. We have a new caller on the phone. Welcome, Delores. Thanks for joining us today.

Delores:    Thank you, Stacey, for having me.

Stacey:    Please share with us, Delores, how Spirit has helped you manifest your dreams.

Delores:    You and I had done a reading about a year ago. A lot of things came up in that reading. My great-grandmother came through. She was showing me, being on a stage, introducing speakers onto a large stage. I remember at the time thinking, “This doesn’t make any sense to me right now or where my business is going,” But I do remember writing it down. It’s amazing how, when you take the guidance of Spirit, and you allow things to unfold, that really happens when you open yourself up to saying yes. About four months after that reading, I was asked to lead a local organized TEDx event here where I live.

I immediately said yes. At the time, that reading did not come up. I didn’t remember that reading. But as I began the process with my team of putting it together, I was reminded of that reading. In some ways, it allowed me to lean back even more and trust that I was being guided through the process. The truth is, from that perspective of trust, I no longer doubted that whatever we needed as a team to make this happen was going to be granted.

Maybe not in the exact way we asked, but by accepting what it was, it allowed us to reach a much higher goal. We had set up to do a small organized event. We were looking for a venue. The local theater came to us and said, “We really want to host you.” It’s a really large theater that holds 1200 people, which was not what we were envisioning.

We were thinking of a small 500-person event. They said, “We really want to host you. We want to partner with you. We’ll make this so easy for you that you cannot refuse.” With my team, we said yes. There was a whole chain of opportunities that we said yes to as a team, that were not within our original scope. It was not within our original ideas of how this would look.

It led us to an event where we ended up having over 1,000 people in attendance. We had over 17 speakers on the stage. We had funding. We had people from different communities. We had everything we needed. We had media partners. We had press coverage. After all was said and done, we had amazing feedback. People were inspired.

Our goal was to put together an event that would move a community from a place of “We can’t do this” to a place of “Yes, together we can.” We wanted them to know there are opportunities even though there are challenges. I know now more than ever that the event had to happen, and that it happened the exact way it was supposed to happen. Honestly, I can’t even take credit for it. The credit I can take is that I allowed it to happen. I got out of its way.

Stacey:    You said yes to Spirit. This is a great testament to how Spirit can help. They will open doors. Doors that you won’t even imagine will be opened, like when the theater called you. When you believe that this can be, your grandmother coming through and showing you this visualization of you on the stage introducing people and it wasn’t part of your business at the time. Spirit can orchestrate on the other side for you to meet people, to have this come to fruition, and to have these doors opened seamlessly. It just flows. You open up to Spirit bringing this through. Then you say, “Wow, could this be? I’ll let go and go through the motions.”

Delores:    When I work with clients as a business coach, it’s a combination. Pray and move your feet. There’s a difference between leaning back and sitting back. Leaning back entails that you are in a position of trust, and that you are allowing what is to come through. Sitting back is inaction.

Stacey:    There is definitely a process of working with Spirit. When you align with them to manifest your dreams, it’s movement. It’s paying attention to who and what is showing up around you, and acting upon that with unwavering faith. Sometimes we’re out of our comfort zone when this happens.

When this shows up, we say, “Wait, I’m the one that’s going to make this happen? It’s going to be my event? We’re not just going to have a few speakers. We’re going to have 17. We’re not just going to be doing it in a small venue in our community. We’ve been invited to do it in a huge theater.” How many people attended this event?

Delores:    Here is the fascinating thing. I can see the challenge for someone not wanting to believe that they are the one, and it is hard. You don’t want to be the person who believes that they are the one. At the same time, I dare to ask, if not you, then who? I said to myself a few times, “If not me, then who?”

That allowed me to embrace that role that I was given. It wasn’t for my own ego. It was for the more than thousand people that came that day. We impacted that many people just that day. I was going through the recorded talks that are now online. There are 17 of them. We had some talks that have been watched over 1200 times. Do that math times 17. It’s already an exponential impact of that yes that we said.

Stacey:    There’s always the greater good. Spirit is working with you for the highest good, for the greater good. It’s not just for us alone. It’s to impact and help many lives. Once we have a vision, there’s always a bigger plan. There’s always a bigger plan from the Heavens. You’ve heard that God has a bigger plan than you could ever imagine. Spirit is helping to orchestrate that for you. It’s surrendering and letting go, and moving through and allowing it to show up.

Spirit is so clever in the way that they can help. The process that I speak about on the show is about believing with unwavering faith. Know that it’s happening. Act as if it’s happening right this moment, and be in that higher vibration so it can come true. Thank you, Delores. What a beautiful story of how Spirit has helped you to manifest your dreams into your own reality. Keep it going. Now that you’ve experienced it, keep asking and keep believing. We will be right back on the Gift of Spirit Radio in just a few minutes.

Sandy Shares Her Experiences of Manifesting With Spirit

Stacey:    Welcome back to Gift of Spirit Radio on I am Stacey Lynn, your host, Spiritual Medium. We are talking today about manifesting with our dear loved ones in Heaven. We have Sandy on the phone. Hi, Sandy.

Sandy:    Good morning, Stacey.

Stacey:    This is my mom, so I have to send kudos out to her for calling in today. She has a beautiful story to share about Spirit, and how Spirit has helped manifest some things in her life and her friend’s lives into reality. Mom, I’m going to let you share.

Sandy:    I just got the chills. I have a very close friend in the business world that I’ve known for a very long time. Her name is Irene. She came to the US from Poland when she was 14 with her mother and two sisters. Irene is now 69 years old.

Four years ago, she called me and said, “Sandy, I can’t believe this but I had a dream. Last night, my mother came to me. My mother said, ‘Irene, remember that recipe. My recipe in Poland. It was so healthy. It was so good for everybody. You kids would eat it and feel so good every day. I want you to start making this recipe.’”

At the time, Irene was 65 years old. She started making the recipe in her kitchen. She was making bags of it every weekend in her kitchen. She is the owner of a hair replacement studio. She would make it and give it to her customers. She would give it out to her religious community. She would make it every weekend. The demand became so large. She came to me four years ago and said, “Sandy, I need help. I don’t know what to do. I can’t keep making this cereal every weekend in my kitchen. People want it. How can we do this?”

She woke up one night, and her mom said, “You have to make it for so many, Irene.” I think you should name your company Amazing Love Foods. She did start making. We thought it was just a cereal. So many doors started to open. It was not only a cereal, it became a dry ingredient for ice cream, yogurt and bread crumb alternative. She went to bed and woke up again. Her mom said, “We have to make bars.” So many doors have opened for us through Irene’s dreams. It’s almost like Spirit has ignited our path in this food. The name of the food is called Crinkle’s Crunch.

Every conversation that we had, every presentation that we had given had already been blessed prior to use making the presentation. The most exciting part now is that so many doors have opened. Our bakers have showed up. Our packaging has showed up. Our distributors have shown up.

Now, we not only have Crinkle’s Crunch as a dry ingredient for ice cream and yogurt, but we have it as a cereal. Now we’re launching our Crinkle Crunch nutritional bar. I believe that this has all come because of the dreams and Spirit that has given us the energy to keep going forward these past four years.

Believe it or not, in 2016, the entire Crinkle Crunch line are all going to be launched in a large food chain, and also through an ice cream distributor. It’s been an exciting journey for us. It seems that everyting that we’ve done has been through a dream and Spirit. Every time we thought we couldn’t do it, Spirit came through. A dream came through. It gave us this exciting energy to keep going and going. This is where we are today.

Stacey:    This is such an amazing story. Her mother is so persistent with her. The dreams are the number one way Spirit can come through to us. She was very open to receiving from her mom in her dreams. It sounds like her mom didn’t come through just once, but three times. Three is a very common number for these things to happen.

Each time her mom came through, she was guiding her and letting her know, “Move your feet and go.” Our last caller shared how she had a huge event happen. She prayed and she moved her feet. It’s exactly what she did. Now this recipe from her mom has gone from this cereal to many other forms. People are loving it. It sounds like her mom has helped open the doors to a baker and grocery stores. This has not cost a lot of money. There have been people who have shown up to help both of you.

Sandy:    It seems like we would meet one person and give a presentation, and they would give us someone else. Then they would give us someone else. There was peace throughout these four years. We already knew that it was blessed. We could feel it. It was a beautiful peace knowing that, no matter what we did or how we presented it, it was going to happen. That is how much guidance we had.

Stacey:    It was Spirit driven. That’s where she received all of that inspiration. She became a go-getter because of her mom coming through. It gave her that higher vibration and inspiration that she needed to see it through without a doubt, with unwavering faith. Her mom was able to give that to her. Thanks, Mom. Thanks for sharing your beautiful story. This is helping so many people. I can feel it. We will be right back. This is the Gift of Spirit Radio with Stacey Lynn on

Stacey:    Welcome back to Gift of Spirit Radio. I am Stacey Lynn. In closing, I want to say about manifesting with Spirit, you have to believe and know without a doubt that Spirit is helping you. It is coming true. Pray and move your feet. Open yourself up to allowing Spirit to help you here on Earth. That means asking loved ones in Heaven for what it is you need help with, your dreams, wishes and intentions.

Ask and it’s given. Stay in awareness of who and what is showing up around you. Take action on that, even if it means you’re out of your comfort zone. Know that Spirit is helping you. Raise your vibration to joy, happiness, excitement and gratitude so Spirit can work faster with you. Visualize your dreams coming true. Act as if it’s already happened. Spirit is helping you. They can do far more for you on the other side in the Heavens than they could ever do while they were here.

It’s amazing and so true, as you heard on the show today. Lastly, be in positive expectation. Stay positive and know without a doubt they’ve got this. Expect it to happen with their help. You’re listening to Gift of Spirit Radio. I’m Stacey Lynn. Thank you for joining us today. Blessings of Love and Spirit. May your dreams come true.


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Back in 2011, the year I of my Spiritual Awakening, I was very open Spiritually experiencing my departed loved ones and others in Spirit daily,

Rock N’ Roll Heaven

My Connection with “P,” Prince Rogers Nelson. One great example of Spiritual Signs is my connection with Prince. He brought me tangible signs upon connecting

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