Rock N’ Roll Heaven

My experience with Whitney Houston, “The Voice.”

Whitney Houston, or “Nippy” as she refers to herself, was the first singer – entertainer who proved to me she could do the work to connect me to one of her loved ones here.  She was the first one in Spirit to make this connection happen and many followed her lead. I was watching an Oprah show 1 year after her passing and her Mom, Sissy, was on the show.  That night Whitney came to me in my dream state and woke me up the next day with her song playing in my head, “I Wanna Dance with Somebody.”  My Grandmother in Heaven brought Whitney to me the next day in my morning meditation and asked me to help her.  Whitney, “Nippy” came to me daily and brought me sign after sign.  Mostly, she played her music everywhere I went, in my car at the turnkey, in the grocery store, in a Home Goods, Dunkin Donuts, you name it.  One day while I was traveling in Michigan, she played her song three times in a row in every store. Whitney was very persistent to let me know she was knocking on my door. Then one day while meditating Whitney came to me and asked me to help her.  She gave me the exact, unique name of a woman to call and the company where this woman worked.  She asked me to call this company at 3 o’clock and ask for her by name and let her know who you are and that “Whitney sent you.” I did just that and this woman happened to be the personal assistant to someone in the music business who Whitney knew well and wanted to connect with, to bring messages of love and thanks because she did not have a chance to say goodbye.  The interesting thing is this woman shared with me that she came into work earlier that year and on her chair was a Whitney Houston International tour fan from the 90’s.  She said to me, “It just appeared out of nowhere on her chair and I felt Whitney right away.” This is another reason why they come through, because their lives end tragically sometimes and they do not have a chance to say, “thank you,” and “I love you.”   This woman facilitated this connection with this person in the music industry and I was able to deliver messages from Whitney to this special person in her life and they were very thankful.

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Rock N’ Roll Heaven

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