Spiritual Readings

Spiritual Readings

As a gifted Spiritual Medium and Spiritual teacher, Stacey teaches meditation, the Gift of Spirit and opening to Spiritual gifts.  Stacey’s amazing gift allows her to reconnect you with your departed loved ones behind the Heavenly veil to let you know without a doubt they are loving and guiding you still.  During Spiritual readings, Stacey has a pure, compassionate, heart to heart, healing approach to the process of Spirit communication and creates a light, loving, inviting environment for her clients.  She receives evidential information, messages from Spirit through her heightened inner senses, clairvoyance(seeing), clairsentience(feeling), clairaudience(hearing) and claircognizance(knowing).   She knows your departed loved ones will stop at nothing to let you know they are with you Spiritually and it is amazing to experience.

Stacey offers Spiritual readings by phone or over video.  She recommends you come to your Spiritual reading open to receiving messages from your departed loved ones and suggests taping the reading or taking notes.  You may bring or have with you any personal or memorable items of your departed as they may bring these items through in a message for you.

Spiritual Readings are 50 minutes in length. 

To schedule your Spiritual Reading, contact us by clicking here.

Spiritual Soul Readings

What is in your Soul?

Stacey connects with departed loved ones and Divine Spiritual guides behind the Heavenly veil for her clients on important matters and current life decisions pertaining to life purpose, relationships, heath-wellness, career, and finances.  A Soul Reading is a sacred space to receive from Spirit, your departed loved ones, and your Divine Spiritual guides on finding joy and it is uplifting, positive and transformative.  You have Divine Spiritual teachers and guides walking with you in Spirit, in the unseen behind the Heavenly veil, and they are very much helping and guiding you here to discover and follow your own path to live your best life.

“I’ve got joy, joy, joy, joy down in my heart…”

In a Soul Reading, your guides and or departed loved ones connect with Stacey to bring messages to you to guide, validate and ignite what is in your heart’s desire to help light your path to be in your life purpose and or make that important decision. Your departed loved ones in Spirit may come through and remind you of your God-given gifts here to help humanity for example, they may remind you that you are a painter, writer, philanthropist, speaker, pioneer, or singer and guide you when you feel there is a fork in the road and you don’t understand which path you are supposed to take.

You may be asking the question, “Why am I here?”

Your Spiritual Guides are connected to you in a very special, similar, and unique way.  You may just not be open to them as much as other people are. You are always brought signs around your Divine life purpose.  It is just that you may not be aware or looking for the signs.

In a Spiritual Soul Reading, Stacey is opening and connecting to Spirit while you, the client is holding a heartfelt intention to receive. It does happen sometimes in Spiritual readings where a departed loved one, a mother will come through to guide and say, “Don’t forget about your talk show dream that you had. It’s time and I can help you.” This timely message may happen during their midlife where they just gave up on their dream.

Your Divine Spiritual guides speak very much to what is in your “heart and soul” because becoming who you truly are is the walk here and being is the destiny. Stacey was taught once that our Spirit is the car and the Soul is the driver of the car.  When you can tap into your Soul and your Spirit, you are in the unfolding here to experience the inner guidance, and very much rejoice by being in all your gifts, abilities, talents, and everything that you are because you are uniquely threaded with Greatness to serve.

These Soul Readings from your Spiritual loved ones and your Divine Spiritual guides help you go within to connect with your own greatness and Divinity here. Sometimes we get a little off track and confused. We may feel very bored in our life, be going through a life transition or we may have given up a dream. This is a really good time to set up a Spiritual Soul Reading to receive validation as to what is calling to you!

Spirit helps turn your light back on!

“There is nothing about your Spiritual Destiny you won’t be ready for and you are always fully supported in your Divine Life Purpose.”

To schedule your Spiritual Soul Reading contact us by clicking here.

Spirit Entertainment Readings

Stacey Lynn Cripps – Psychic Medium

Stacey is a gifted Entertainment Medium and she is especially gifted in being able to connect with legendary singer, song writer musicians and entertainers from behind the Heavenly veil.  Do you long to hear from a music, entertainment legend who has passed on?  Greats like Elvis, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Prince, Glenn Frey, George Michael, Aretha Franklin, Tom Petty, John Lennon, Sammy Davis Jr., Judy Garland, Robin Williams and more?

To book a private Spirit Entertainment Reading & Channeled Mentoring session with Stacey to connect with your legendary family and friends in Entertainment’s Rock N’ Roll Heaven click here

What to expect during your Spiritual Reading


When you begin your Spiritual Reading with Stacey, she will take you through a 1-2-minute brief meditation to open your heart, your Spiritual center.  She will inform you that your loved ones in Spirit work with your Spiritual energy and her energy combined.  It is important to come to your reading open to receiving from your departed loved ones.    She will ask you for your name only and begin to connect with one departed loved one at a time in Spirit in the Heavenly realms to deliver loving, evidenced messages to you.  Stacey often receives visions of the departed, names, nicknames, memories, personality, direct verbal messages, and very specific information to bring clarity and to validate your departed loved one’s presence with you.  A reading session with Stacey lasts about fifty minutes.  You may ask a question during your Spiritual reading although most times Spirit answers this question during your reading or your departed loved one in Spirit may nudge Stacey with a message “they have a question.”  Stacey recommends you hold your question until midway through your Spiritual reading.  Stacey has given Spiritual Readings where 1-2 and up to 10 departed loved ones have connected in one session.  Every Spiritual reading is unique to the person receiving and is orchestrated by departed loved ones in Spirit.  Your reading will be completely confidential.  Stacey recommends recording your Spiritual Reading on a mobile device or have a pen and paper with you to take notes as many messages come through and very often it is too much to remember.


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