What Is a Spiritual Reading?

Hello, and welcome to the Gift of Spirit Radio show. I am Stacey Lynn, your host. So happy to be sharing with you today on the Gift of Spirit. Today we are going to be talking to people who have experienced a Spiritual reading for the first time.

On this show, we are going to find out:

    1. What is a Spiritual reading?
    2. What is it like to receive a Spiritual reading for the first time?
    3. What happens for some, after a Spiritual reading?
    4. What is the transformation?

You can listen to our full episode here, or continue reading below:


He Didn’t Have Me at “Hello,” but…

I want to share a story to honor someone, a teacher who had an impact on my spiritual development. It happened in 2008, when I was standing in a Barnes & Noble store.

I was with my 5-year-old son at the time, holding a Starbucks in one hand and my son’s hand in the other, when a book fell off the shelf and literally landed on my chest out of nowhere.

I bent down to pick it up, turned it over, and saw a balding man on the front, smiling on the cover. My awareness turned into the title. I said he didn’t have me at hello, because we never met in person. He had me at the power of intention.

I began to read the inside and outside covers of this book and it spoke to me in a powerful way. I had chills and knew I was to buy this book. At this time, in 2008, we were in an economic downturn and my business at the time was at a standstill.

While reading The Power of Intention by Dr. Wayne Dyer, whom I had never heard of until that book fell off the shelf, I received inspiration daily to move into service.

I had a download of ideas to organize a day conference with a panel of speakers from Fortune 100 companies to speak to skills needed in the markets, to help with hiring, because so many were getting laid off and out of work.

It was a huge success. Attendees were so grateful and the conference received national attention. I was honored and given a service award at an international awards conference dinner.

It was a high honor and I was humbled by the recognition. The book falling off the shelf and the writing that inspired my volunteer work were channels of the Divine Spirit of God.

We are all vessels of God’s Spirit within us. We’re on the receiving end. We are all channels, mediums of love, faith, trust, hope, power, compassion, kindness, generosity, healing, peace, and inspiration to name some.

Inspiration means In Spirit and that which we’re born into. Connecting to the love within, our truth, our Spirit within is what we’re here to do. It’s our birthright to open to our Spirit, take back ourselves, know who we are and what we were meant to do here for all humanity.

It’s in this place, a Spiritual connection, connecting to our Spirit within, our truth within, where we experience unconditional love, wholeness, and oneness. In oneness with all things is where all things are possible.

It’s in this place, connection, an opening, an allowing, happens. It’s purposeful and it’s meaningful. You find out who you are and why you’re here. It’s healing and it’s renewing.

It’s in this place of Spiritual connection to our true Spirit that we become open to receiving from the Divine Spirit of God. We all receive messages from Spirit that we experience in the form of coincidences, physical signs that we see or hear, inspirational downloads, ideas, alignments, reminders. Spirit is a piece of God.

It’s actually Divine Spiritual energy flowing through us. Pay attention to what is showing up around you, those powerful things like the book falling off the shelf for me, from your loved ones in Heaven. These are loving, guiding messages for you in your present day.

Colossians 1: 16, this verse states, “For in him, all things were created:  things in Heaven and on earth, visible and invisible.” Another version of this verse, “For through him God created everything in the Heavenly realms and on earth.”

Through him God created all things. That leaves nothing out. Spirit is of God. God creates the light within us to shine bright. When your light gets turned on and your Spirit gets reignited, follow it with unwavering faith.

The Spiritual place of connection, the sacred space within us, is receiving. A Spiritual reading is a sacred, Divine space of love and light. It’s a Spiritual openness, oneness, a Spiritual place of connection to the Heavenly realms to receive through God for one’s highest good, highest good meaning love, healing, peace, joy, abundance, connection, forgiveness, and so on.

Where two are gathered, God is there. It’s through him, that we are open to receive this loving, Divine guidance, that inner voice within our hearts. It’s available to all of us. This is the Divine wisdom of the ages, going within to receive. This connection is not outside of us. It’s within us.

It’s very common when a cherished, very close loved one passes away and goes back to Heaven that the grieving are opened up to receive them Spiritually, through their dreams, within meditations, or even in the present day through tangible signs or through someone just talking with them, so their hearts can heal, so they can go on.

The love does not die. We go on in the Heavenly realms in Spirit. Our departed loved ones prove time and time again that they’re still with us Spiritually, loving us and guiding us here. I will say they’re having a glorious joyous time over there.

You will come to find out from these callers’ stories that Spirit truly wants us to connect, to let us know that they are okay and they are still with us. I was just talking to a woman the other day. We were in conversation and I felt this name “Dutch” within my heart, and then I saw it in my mind like an image.

I said to her, “Do you know what ‘Dutch’ means? Are you Dutch?” She responded, “Yes, I know what it means. My husband passed. He used to call me ‘Dutch.’ It was my nickname that only he gave me.” She then had a twinkle in her eye, her face softened, and I felt, right at the moment, that she received a healing of her grieving heart.

Sometimes, these Spiritual messages come through other people and are meant for us to hear them right at that moment, because we are all vessels here for this type of Spiritual flow of energy, the Divine Spirit of God.

Another story I heard in the last few months:  a daughter whose father passed away called me and shared that the maid had gone to her father’s house to clean the house afterwards.

She called her and said, “How long ago did your father pass, because I smell his cologne everywhere?” This was a healing gift from her father that she received so that she could give it to his daughter to let her know “I’m okay.”

It’s really common to have the loved one who you really want to hear from actually show up towards the end of reading, because the Spiritual energy has been built up for quite some time and you are becoming more and more open.

Spirit works with my energy and the energy of the person I’m reading, combined. Be open to the love and healing that’s going to be coming from your loved ones. As you receive, acknowledge your physical sensations. For example, you may experience chills or tingling, throughout the Spiritual reading.

4 Callers Shared Their Heartwarming Stories of Receiving Messages from Loved Ones, after They Had Passed.

Al’s Reaction to Receiving a Spiritual Reading for the First Time

I’ve done two readings with Stacey. It was interesting that the same relative came through twice, which was my dad.

It was the first time I had done a formal reading. I have to say at first I was a little skeptical, not having done it before and not knowing what to expect. Then, having gone through the experience, it was profound. I think that’s really the best way to put it.

There was such a consistent affirmation of the connection with my dad and offering evidence. There’s no way Stacey could have possibly had access to that.

In our family, there’s this tradition around steak. It came through in a lighthearted way, which is how it is in our family. Then Stacey identified where he went to college.

I should say, just for listeners, too, that I never knew my family. He actually passed before I was born. It was profound. A sense of feeling like I was actually having a discussion with him, having never actually had one before, was amazing.

Some other evidence that came through was, in particular, I had a very unique experience when I was 13, where I actually had a conversation with him and had an experience of him actually sitting with me, which I couldn’t make sense of at the time.

I keep saying the word “profound” because that’s the best word I can use to describe it. The sense of love, connection and peace, and yet the sense of “I’m talking to my dad.” He came through with that when we did the reading and actually I was 13 years old when this happened, while I was skiing.

It was during a really tough time for me. Stacey shared that he came through to support me at that really challenging time.

Al’s Transformation after his Spiritual Readings

It was a sense of peace and love, at such a deep level, and just a reassurance and trust in my life path and what I’ve been committed to. There was a lot that came through in the reading that was very affirming of the choices I’ve made.

Some of the real challenges I’ve had in my life and how I’ve decided to live my life, even to my career, was all affirmed, including even my wife. It came through that she’s absolutely the right one for me and that he was very excited that I connected with her. Things like that were so affirming, a sense that I am on the right path and I am doing the right thing and, most of all, that I’m not alone.

Al’s Spiritual Experiences with His Dad, in Meditation

I’m learning through my own meditation work to connect with my dad and trust to ask him for guidance. I’ve had experiences where I really had that happen.

One in particular was like a ceremonial experience of meeting him, going up this very long stair step path up a mountain and then going into this room. It’s hard to describe.

Going into this room, it was this formal greeting where he came out and sat down next to me. We had this dialogue where he formally said, “I’m always here with you and I’m so glad that now we can connect.”

I know the opening happened through the readings. Stacey helped create that. It was almost like it was a handoff:  “Now you’re able to do this. I’m always here with you. You can access me any time.” What a magnificent gift.

Maya’s Reaction to Receiving a Spiritual Reading for the First Time

When I received a Spiritual reading for the first time, it was little daunting because I wasn’t sure what to expect. This was about three months after I had lost someone really dear to me, my boyfriend.

He was the first person I had lost, who had passed, who wasn’t a blood relation. The grief that I was going through was indescribable. I had never experienced anything like that before. I remember being really scared, because I didn’t know what was going to happen. I didn’t know how it was going to go.

I remember Stacey asked me to just feel the energy of my loved ones on the other side and, if it would help, to put some objects that used to belong to them in front of me during the reading. There was a lot of fear because I was unsure of what was going to happen and whether I needed to do something special to prepare. There was just a lot going on.

At the same time, I was feeling a sense of excitement, because ever since my boyfriend had passed, I had felt him around me. It’s really hard to explain because I didn’t really understand very much about Spiritual energy at the time. Yet, I kept feeling the sense that he was around me every single day and just about all the time.

I was excited about having the reading and trying to come to terms with that, and prove to myself that it wasn’t just wishful thinking. He really was around me.

During the reading, my boyfriend didn’t come in until right at the end. I wasn’t sure if we were even able to connect with him. For most of the reading, I was getting more and more anxious because I was having other loved ones come through. They gave evidence as well.

My grandmother came through. She passed almost 30 years ago now. It was such a surprise to hear from her. By the time he came through and gave his evidence, I was a little more used to the idea of evidence coming through.

Some of the things he shared were really quite startling, such as what I had had for dinner the night before our reading. We’re both foodies, so it made a lot of sense that he would bring through a food piece of evidence. The cool thing was that I tend to have really similar things for dinner, but that particular night, the night before our reading, I had had something completely unusual, not something I tend to cook.

The fact that he called it out was really startling. I thought, “Oh my goodness. He’s really around me.” He also brought through private conversations that we had had before he passed. These were conversations where we were the only two people in the apartment. There was no way anyone else would have known about that. That really gave me a lot of assurance that, oh wow, it really is him coming through and connecting with me and still being around me.

Maya’s Transformation after her Spiritual Reading

Over time I started to become more attuned to physical sensations. In that initial reading, I felt more emotional shifts. I started to feel lighter and larger in a way.

I felt myself really opening up. Over time that feeling of opening and connecting to an energy that’s so light and so full of love. I felt this pouring of unconditional love come through. It still gives me that sensation just talking about it.

That’s the feeling of unconditional love that I carry with me, whether I’m listening to a recording of the reading or now, because I’m a little further along in being Spiritually opened, whenever I open up.

Becoming more open has allowed me to move through the grief that I didn’t think I would ever get over. That was such a dark period in my life. For the first four or five months, I could barely get out of bed on certain days. I could barely make a meal for myself on most days.  The grief was so intense. I felt like a part of me had been ripped away. That was the biggest transformation that I experienced.

One really cool thing that came through the reading, which I did not see coming, was I got a lot of guidance and received a lot of messages around my truth and my life’s work.

It came through my loved ones. It came through other guides that showed up with me. That just blew me away. One of the messages I received was “You’re moving through the grief now. It’s okay. We’re here for you. Once you’re past this phase, you’re going to be known all around the world as this big time blogger.”

The first time I heard it, I thought, “What? I know you’re trying to make me feel better, but that’s just so far out of the realm of my consciousness and understanding.”

It’s been a little over a year, actually a year and a half now, I think, since that reading and, wouldn’t you know it, I have started to blog. I have started to contribute. My articles have now been read all over the world. I’ve been in publications on two continents now. I’ll probably be on a third continent soon.

All of that came through and it’s because I opened up Spiritually and accepted that this is the path I’m meant to walk on now. All these amazing gifts of transformation happened. It just opened up to me in such a beautiful way.

Sarah’s Reaction to Receiving a Spiritual Reading for the First Time

When I first received a Spiritual reading, I was in a pretty emotional transformation period. I wasn’t sure of a lot of things. I was a little nervous at that time, but I was able to be calm after the reading began, because of who came through for me.

At the time, I had made a pretty big move in my life to another state. I was in a sad place at the time, and unsure of the relationship I was in, and how things were going to move about throughout life. When I had the reading, my grandmother came through, who had passed away in May of 2011. I had the reading November 2012.  When my grandmother came through, she had called me “her little one.” No one called me their “little one,” except for her. I knew at that moment that it was her.

There was some more validation that was brought through about a lollipop that I had received from her and my grandfather when I was nine years old, on my ninth birthday. As the reading went on, I got a little teary eyed. She was able to reassure me about my relationship and that I would be moving back to the state where I was born and raised.

My now fiancé, at the time boyfriend, we had moved again into a place with high ceilings, just as my grandmother had said. That was about a month after the reading.  I knew that things were going to be okay.

Sarah’s Transformation after her Spiritual Reading

I’ve always known that loved ones were with me, but it was more reassuring that I was not alone, that there is guidance from the other side. Whenever you feel alone, you just have to remember that they’re there. All you have to do is call upon them and they’ll show their way for whatever you’re asking help with.

We did move, again, to another state, but that was because of my boyfriend’s job. When we had lived in the one place that she had mentioned during the readings, my boyfriend proposed to me on Christmas Eve. That was one thing that was said. “There were going to be some high ceilings during Christmas.” That’s actually what she had said. He proposed to me in that house that had the high ceilings with the Christmas tree.

In the “real world” sometimes you can’t be as close to your loved ones. When they cross over, they’re just always with you.

Joe’s Reaction to Receiving a Spiritual Reading for the First Time

My father, also named “Joe,” was my best friend. He retired at 51, so we were able to spend a lot of time together, doing trips and just hanging, talking.

He was a healthy man. He was 71 in 2006. He went in a for a kidney problem. They assured us it was not serious or life threatening, but they opened him up and found cancer. In December of 2006, he made his transition.

It was rather sudden. It was rather devastating. We all talked to my dad every day. We’d do our a morning call and sometimes me and my sisters would all get on a group phone call, sometimes it would just be me.

I talked to him all the time. He was a big part of my life. He was the rock. To have him seem healthy and make his transition, we weren’t prepared for it. I’d been very blessed in my life and that was definitely a curveball. It required all of my Spiritual resources, and a lot of tears and a lot of pain.

I felt his presence in dreams and thoughts and in words. I knew he was with me. I believed that. To hear someone affirm that, a third party, and say, “Yes, that is him. Yes,” even though you know it and believe it, there’s always, I think for me at least, a shadow of a doubt, where you’re questioning it or memories or to what extent is he with you and how strong that is.

Hearing from Stacey, initially, helped me value, honor and listen to what I was getting. When we had our first reading, when Stacey called me, “Sonny,” I knew initially that my dad was with Stacey in my reading. That was something that he used to say when I was younger. He stopped saying it when I got older, but when I was a child, that was what he would say.

At the time, I was dating some people and I had just gone through a divorce. During our reading, being my dad he mentioned, “You’ll meet someone who’ll knock your socks off.” Since then, I’ve been with the same woman who definitely does knock my socks off. It’s amazing some things can be more general and some could be specific, but when you step back and look, it’s a very powerful message.

“Where there’s great love, there are always miracles.”

Be open and be in wonder. Feel oneness with all things. It is in this place of oneness that we experience our Divine Spirit and the Divine behind the Heavenly veil.

In the space of oneness, this is where our Spirit is. It’s oneness with self, wholeness, oneness with the world, acceptance of all things. You see a piece of your soul in me and a piece of your soul is in you. That is the Divine Spirit of God. His peace comes into a united oneness.

There’s a song that comes to mind, “Let my love open the door to your heart” by Pete Townshend. I invite you all to listen to the song. The lyrics in the song will soothe your heart because they have the key to open your heart to receive them.

Thank you very much for joining us on the Gift of Spirit radio show. I want to thank you. Blessings. Namaste.

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