Your Healing has Begun

Whenever you are dealing with a medical issue in the body, BE in a heightened state of awareness and BELIEVE in your heart the answers are on their way and ALWAYS seek medical attention.

Recently, I experienced severe lower back pain with spasms and numbness in my foot where I was hospitalized under the care of a Neuro surgeon. To my surprise an MRI showed a herniated disc pushing on my spine. Now, for weeks I had been dealing with what I thought was sciatica and going for acupuncture, chiropractic and massage. Then I saw my primary care physician and began physical therapy. All of this brought temporary relief though, the pain came again every morning and at night. Then one morning last week, I woke up to painful spasms that began at 5 AM and lasted all day until a chiropractor and my primary care doctor told me to go straight to hospital for an MRI. My left leg had become weak and my left foot a bit numb in places which indicated nerve damage.
I drove myself straight to the hospital and was admitted.

Synchronicity is a Strong Sign from Spirit!

While at the hospital I was put on a steroid and muscle relaxer to stop the pain and the spasms. Evidently painful spasms occurring with numbness indicate nerve damage and nerve damage cannot be reversed medically according to my Neuro surgeon. I had no idea the severity of the pain that was occurring in my body. I learned I have a high pain tolerance. While in the hospital I was not allowed to drink water or eat anything for 7 hours because they were holding off prepping for surgery awaiting the MRI. I tuned into Spirit and received “you will be okay, more to come.” When I was taken up to my hospital room I felt a pure lightness in the room which made me feel secure and validated I was in the right place. I had real answers now regarding my pain. I knew and felt my Spiritual Guides with me, especially Solomon. My hospital stay was a beautiful and restful experience. I was released the next day given instructions, to limit activity, take my meds and follow up with my new neuro spinal surgeon in 2 weeks. I was told I could still go on our vacation to Florida as long as I do not lift a finger. I was wheeled out of the hospital by a very sweet young man who was paying his way through college and I learned he loved music. When I asked him his name to thank him, he replied, “My name is Solomon.”

The answers are waiting in the wings!

The day before I was admitted into the hospital a girl working at Lululemon saw me limping. She told me her story of how she was in a car accident in excruciating neck pain She told me the only one who relieved her pain was a doctor named, we will call him “Dr. How.”

The day before leaving for Florida, I walked into RUAH center and was told by the receptionist about “Dr. How” as the doctor to see to heal my back pain and that he has offices in Florida and Illinois.

After a 2 hour wait to be seated at my all-time favorite restaurant in Miami, Joe’s Stone Crab my family was standing at the entrance to be called back to be seated. There was a party in front of us and I heard, “Hey buddy, the only reason you don’t have to wait is because you are Dr. How’s brother.” Three signs from Spirit in 3 days!

I walked Miami beach the other morning and while I walked I opened, meditated, and a strong message was felt through my entire body, “Your healing has begun.”

As soon as I received this message I looked down and picked up this healing heart stone next to my left foot.

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