Gift of Spirit Mentoring

Receive the Gift of Spirit Mentoring

The Attuned 6 Month Program

You are Spiritually Awakened into the Higher Awareness and Oneness with the Gift of Spirit!


Whether you realize it or not you are in a Higher vibration with the Gift of SPIRIT! 

Higher Vibration = Higher Self ~ Your Spirit

Everything you have experienced and learned through the Awakened Gift of Spirit Mentoring Program from…

Spiritual Awakening, Meditation – The 7 Chakras, The Heavenly Language & Heavenly Signs, Your Auric Field, Manifesting with Spirit, Spirit to Spirit Connections, Deepening Your Connection to Spirit, Spirit Guides & The Heavenly Realms, Anything & Everything Spirit, Connecting with Your Angels to Grounding & Clearing has brought you to a place within of inner knowingness that you are Spirit first and foremost and you are Spiritually Connected! 

As you stay in a place of allowing in your heart space in your Spirit daily through meditation and Spiritual practices the unfolding continues for you to follow your own Spiritual Driven Path forward.  I am honored and humbled to have been with you for 6 months of your Spiritual development and I feel to continue this development with you.  If these next steps speak to your heart, I will be waiting in the wings with Spirit for your continuation on your Spiritual development journey. 

Know your Awakened path is not without purpose from Spirit in the Heavens.


Are you seeking to further your Spiritual Development and Feel more Confident?

Are you interested in learning about the Spiritual Truths and the Spiritual Shifts from Why to New Understanding (Divine Intelligence)?

Are you seeking to sustain and develop a stronger Spiritual Connection to receive and know your Divine Life Purpose?

If this is a “YES” for you, continue reading for the next level of the Gift of Spirit Mentoring Program.

If the below invitation to continue mentoring speaks to your heart and feels right within, I will see you soon!

Here is your Invitation to continue with ATTUNED, the next level of the Gift of Spirit Mentoring Program including the Gift of Spirit Private FB Community to experience Spiritual Attunement with Divine Intelligence with a special offer.

Gift of Spirit Mentoring Program – ATTUNED!

ATTUNE with Divine Intelligence starting March 5, 2024!


Spiritual Attunement

Confidence with Spirit

Relax with Spirit

Connection Can Happen on So Many Levels

Spiritual Truths

What’s Love Got to Do with It

Ways to Open to Spirit

Spirit Synchronicity

Spiritual Insights

Spiritual Lessons Equal Higher Vibration

Spiritual Readings & Processes

Spiritual Guides & Divine Life Purpose

Here is what you will receive:

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  • 12 Gift of Spirit Mentoring Development Audio Calls with Stacey Cripps over the course of 6 months ~ $1000 x 6 months
  • 6 Live Gift of Spirit Group Zoom Calls for Q&A, Spiritual Readings & Soul Readings ~ $300 x 6 months
  • Live Divine Meditations, Teachings & Technique ~ $197 x 6 months
  • Access to Stacey monthly & the Divine Gift of Spirit ~ Priceless
  • Private Community with Spiritually centered seekers ~ Priceless2

Total Value: $3,000+


NOW:  $111/month for 6 months

OR $499 one-time

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the Online Gift of Spirit Mentoring Attuned Group start?

The program is starting on Tuesday, March 5th, 2024.  Last day of sign up for this program is March 19th, which is the day of our 1st live call at 2 PM CST.

When are the Gift of Spirit Mentoring calls?

You will receive in your online portal two 1-hour, pre-recorded, themed Gift of Spirit Mentoring Development Audio calls on the 1st and 2nd Tuesday of the month, and you will be given access details to call in for the one Live monthly Zoom call with Stacey and the group on the 3rd Tuesday of the month, 2 PM CST. The group will have access to a private Gift of Spirit Mentoring Facebook Group to connect and ask questions.

What if I miss a call?

Do not worry if you miss a call.  You can still receive the mentoring and ask questions in the private Gift of Spirit Mentoring Facebook group. All calls are recorded, accessible and available for replay in your online portal.  You have access to your online portal for 6 months for the duration of the program and one additional month once the program finishes.

Need more help?

We are here to help you make the best decision for you, just email us at

Praise for Stacey Lynn & the Gift of Spirit

We were connected with Stacey through a close personal friend. Stacey was not familiar with the many details concerning our daughter Sophie and her year in a half battle with a rare pediatric cancer. Our brave girl was a fighter and soon after she passed, she came through to Stacey very strongly and she wanted us to know she was pain free and “ok!” It was an amazing hour of overwhelming evidence! Sophie presented through Stacey my favorite flowers “tulips” and Stacey could describe their color. Sophie connected with both her brothers by mentioning the trampoline and the times they had on it. The fact that one brother read to her and the other away at school is visited by her while studying. She even told her Dad she’s with him as he is drawing. This daily part of his work life was something only Sophie could relay. Sophie brought through a child’s name who she was with, who had passed only days before her and who we had met at St. Jude. This moment of course brought us to tears! She talked about our loved ones that were surrounding her and loving her in heaven.Sophie through Stacey presented us with names and descriptions! It was amazing!We felt much comfort in hearing all of this and we even recorded it so we can listen as often as we want.We are extremely grateful for Stacey’s many gifts and her ability to share them with us in her beautiful way!We are forever changed by what occurred and forever thankful. Many hopes and some peace has come to our hearts.

God bless, Scott and Gretchen Schwalbach
Jack and Ben Schwalbach

Stacey Lynn Cripps – Psychic Readings

"God has given each of you a gift from his variety of spiritual gifts. Use them well to serve one another”

~1 Peter 4:10

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