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sophieWe were connected with Stacey through a close personal friend. Stacey was not familiar with the many details concerning our daughter Sophie and her year in a half battle with a rare pediatric cancer. Our brave girl was a fighter and soon after she passed, she came through to Stacey very strongly and she wanted us to know she was pain free and “ok!” It was an amazing hour of overwhelming evidence! Sophie presented through Stacey my favorite flowers “tulips” and Stacey could describe their color.  Sophie connected with both her brothers by mentioning the trampoline and the times they had on it.  The fact that one brother read to her and the other away at school is visited by her while studying. She even told her Dad she’s with him as he is drawing. This daily part of his work life was something only Sophie could relay. Sophie brought through a child’s name who she was with, who had passed only days before her and who we had met at St. Jude. This moment of course brought us to tears! She talked about our loved ones that were surrounding her and loving her in heaven.

Sophie through Stacey presented us with names and descriptions! It was amazing!

We felt much comfort in hearing all of this and we even recorded it so we can listen as often as we want.

We are extremely grateful for Stacey’s many gifts and her ability to share them with us in her beautiful way!

We are forever changed by what occurred and forever thankful.

Many hopes and some peace has come to our hearts.

God bless,

Scott and Gretchen Schwalbach
Jack and Ben Schwalbach

Touching 1 Million HeartsI have always been a believer in spirits and angels, long before my daughter lost her battle to pediatric cancer. Therefore, I was excited to accept the invitation from a mutual friend to receive a personal message from my daughter, Mya through Stacey. I did remain cautiously optimistic, however, realizing that not all those claiming to be mediums, are genuine. It was not long into my reading, that all anxiety was replaced with elation. It appears that my daughter, and her angel friend, had much to say and were able to provide me with “signs” that only I could validate…Mya had conveyed through Stacey the outfit I was wearing at her services, along with the music we opted to play throughout…she conveyed the “gorilla” that I sleep with every night that was from her collection of stuffed animals and the internal debate I was having over fish for her memorial garden and pond “just get the fish in their mom.” Further, Stacey indicated that in time, I would not need her help to reach my daughter, that my daughter was a very strong spirit, and we would find our own way to communicate until we were able to be together again…..I am eternally grateful for this experience, and Stacey’s compassion.

With love always, Kelly

Touching 1 Million HeartsI met Stacey on the bus after a James Van Praagh workshop. I asked her if she could bring through my recently deceased husband Jeff and she said, “He’s here.”

“Aloha” was the first thing Jeff said. He called me “Baby,” which he did, and Hawaii was our favorite place. Stacey described his dark black hair and shiny white “blinding teeth” and beautiful smile. Just look how true that is. Immediately Jeff brought through a message through Stacey saying “she needs to know she can connect to me in meditation. Teach her how before I say anything else.” Jeff said this because he was not coming through at the meditation workshop and I was desperate to talk to him. Stacey taught me how to connect with Jeff in meditation and after I went home it was totally successful and I got crystal clear communication (which I have many journals) with him because of it which I did not expect.

I was worried about an expensive watch of Jeff’s that was missing because I had workmen in the house and Stacey brought through Jeff saying “it’s in the furniture.” Within a few days it was found in the furniture to my complete surprise. Stacey is a very clear developed medium who brings through evidential messages from departed loved ones that are verifiable and I am in awe of her gift. A lot of healing came through for me during the reading.

Jennifer Tanner Sedona, Az.

JoeMy father passed away in 2006 and we were very close. Although I thought of my father every day, time had weakened my connection with him. Stacey helped me reconnect with my father and realize that he is still with me. I have had two sessions with Stacey. The first one was an individual session that was done on the phone; the second was a family session that was done in person. Both sessions were amazing! I was unsure what to expect during the first session but knew instantly that Stacey had a gift since she called me a nickname used only by my father “Sonny Boy.” This is a name that my father called me when I was young and very few people knew this name. The session lasted about an hour and she brought through many evidential and useful messages from my father. The second session was done with my two sisters, mother and me. Once again my father’s presence was very powerful and clear. Stacey was able to bring his words and my whole family had chills and wept. We all were certain that my dad is still with us. Stacey has helped me reconnect with my father’s spirit. I know that he is with me and will provide me guidance. I can honestly say that the session with Stacey helped me realize that my dad is still alive and will always be part of my life. I am very excited to learn that Stacey is spending more time sharing her gift and I know that my dad is smiling too.

With Many Blessing,
Joe Farinella

Touching 1 Million Hearts

I lost my best friend Annaree on 10-10-10. I was depressed & lonely. I felt she was SO far away. Then I spoke with Stacey on the phone and Annaree came through with love & comfort. She spoke of her family and my family, specifically asked how “Bob is” (my brother) and telling me to contact him about a medical problem, which I did and turned out to be real. She told me how my sister Liz & I were just speaking of my Grandmother and told me she was with us! Even the specific names were right! She repeated things that Annaree would always say, like “when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade” or “they’re not in our radar”. She brought up chopsticks, which was a sign for a meditation book we used to play around with called, The I Ching Book of Changes. Her message was one of love and letting me know she is sharing life with me and her family. I am more at peace now and feel close. Stacey was a blessing sent by Annaree. Thank you Stacey for sharing your gift!

Carol Ostrowski
Schaumburg, Illinois

Touching 1 Million Hearts

“My session with Stacey was life-changing. She created a beautifully safe space for us to navigate in spiritual energy and I was able to heal decades of grief in a gentle and profound way.

Stacey shared messages that could only have come from my boyfriend and father on the other side. Some were memories that I had just about forgotten, which gave me the confidence and the comfort that I was truly reconnecting with them. For instance, my boyfriend joked about ‘taking the garbage out’ – he was referring to one of the very few times when we had argued about something. Nobody else was in the room when we had that disagreement, so I instantly knew that it was him. And my father, who had passed away more than 30 years ago, said ‘ho ho ho’ a few times during the session. When I was a kid, he used to pretend to be Santa around Christmas time and he would walk around the house saying ‘ho ho ho’. Again, that was a totally private joke between my father and me – even my mother doesn’t know it. My experience with Stacey also opened me up to the immense guidance that is available to all of us, and that is just a meditative thought or a prayer away. To this day, I still carry the sense of unconditional love that I felt in the reading – it fills me with a deep knowing that we can choose to be in an uplifting spiritual relationship with those we cherish.”

Maya, CA

FredAfter my husband Fred’s passing 3 years ago, after being very ill for 7 months, I worried about where he stood spiritually. Although he was raised Catholic and attended Catholic grade and high school, in his adult life he claimed to be agnostic. I had no idea what to expect before the reading with Stacey and was, I admit, a bit nervous. She suggested that I take notes, which I did and was so thankful that I had. What happened then was nothing short of amazing as Stacey then connected to a different realm. For approximately one hour, my husband came through to her and it was as though he was right there in the living room connecting to me saying things he was never able to communicate to me in life. (Fred was proud of the fact that he was a self-contained person and needed no one). Fred brought through Stacey immediately, “I made it, I just needed proof and I didn’t get that until the end.” He then said “I met my biological parents and it was bittersweet.” Fred showed Stacey an orange ceramic cat that I bought him to keep him company at our lake house up North. It was a joke between us that the cat was really alive and provided him company on his weekend retreats up North. Fred said, “I’m with the cat.” As well, Fred showed he reunited with our little white dog, “Butterscotch” that had passed years ago. Fred continued to bring validated messages through Stacey to me including telling me this old clock of ours that had stopped chiming had recently chimed on the anniversary of his passing and Fred said through Stacey it would chime again a 3rd time after our call and sure enough it did! I had a full page of notes by the time Stacey finished and everything Fred communicated to me through Stacey regarding our life together was spot on. My greatest joy was when he told me that he was a believer when he passed and that he thanked God for me. At the end, I was left with such a sense of peace and comfort knowing that Fred loves me and is still with me, in a different way, and that he is watching over me.

Camille Kolcz, Winfield, IL

My sisters and I set up to have a spiritual reading with Stacey, in the hopes of having both our parents come through.  Our Dad had passed away on the 4th of July 2000 and our Mom passed away September 14, 2005.  The three of us always wanted to connect with them in a tangible way, so we thought this would be the perfect opportunity with someone who has such a beautiful gift as Stacey.
Our Dad came through first, validating it was him by showing Stacey an old typewriter he once used in his business. We thought that was so unusual but funny because of course we all remembered that typewriter and it just made us laugh, (he was always the jokester) He told us that he was with our Mom and that she had messages for us as well.  Our Mom came through with many validations, letting us know of her presence as well.  She mentioned sewing dresses for us when we were younger, which was true.  And how we took such good care of her, when she was really sick and the number 3.  We were stunned, because yes, she was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer and we took care of her for only 3 short weeks before she passed away.  Then she showed Stacey a little bird -a yellow finch – she said it’s a sign from her, that she is bringing the finch to us and that when we see a little yellow finch, she comes close.  She also showed a book of words.  The “book of words” was hilarious because our Mom had a favorite Webster Dictionary that she used constantly to look up “words” especially when she wrote letters.  We never had the heart to tell her that we put that old Webster Dictionary in recycling when we were cleaning out her house, 2 years prior to her being diagnosed.  So, for 2 whole years she really missed that dictionary and would look for it.  Well, she found out that day what exactly happened to her “Book of Words,” but actually found it quite humorous herself!  As her messages to us continued through Stacey talking about family, taking care of each other, being there on Thanksgiving and Christmas (her favorite time of the year).  She told us she was just a thought away, and to just think of her and she will come.  Suddenly, at that exact moment a little yellow finch flew close to a clear sliding glass door, that we were sitting at.  It flew so deliberate along the glass with such ease, making itself visible for us to see!!!!!  What a beautiful sight and a heavenly gift to be able to witness that!!!   We all cried with seeing this amazing sign she gave us, just mentioning it a few minutes ago in the reading, it gave us all chills.  She closed by giving Stacey instructions for all of us to hold hands and that she would hold hands with us.  All 3 of us felt her incredible presence and we knew she was right there.  She reminded us that she has never left us!  This left us all overwhelmed with emotion and an incredible feeling we will never forget.
This reading was much more than words can describe, for the love and bond that we have with our loved ones is so strong.  Even though their physical presence is truly missed, our hearts are imprinted with their love for us always, giving us peace, comfort, and much joy!!

We are so grateful that we had this exceptional spiritual reading with Stacey, it brings a smile to our faces every time we think of it. All three of us go over the messages and words and find such an incredible sense of peace and love. Being able to connect with our parents was a heaven-sent gift wrapped in such love. It truly is something we will never ever forget!! This reading was a gift that will last a lifetime for us.

Many Blessings,
Virginia, Kathy, and Margaret