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Stacey Lynn is a Spiritual Adviser, Mentor and Medium of the Gift of Spirit. Stacey is spiritually gifted as a vessel and or channel for the Divine Spirit of God that which includes your Divine Arch Angels, Spirit Guides, and your Loved Ones in Heaven.

Stacey is available to speak or write on the following topics: Gift of Spirit, Meditation, Spiritual Awakening, Spiritual Readings, Spiritual Signs, and Manifesting with Spirit.

Stacey works as a Spiritual Medium giving Spiritual Readings one-on-one and to audiences at her Gift of Spirit Gala Live Events. As a Spiritual Mentor, Stacey teaches Gift of Spirit Live Meditation Workshops, and Online Mentoring Groups to connect to Spirit. She is a bridge through the power of the Holy Spirit, “Another Helper” between you and your departed loved ones in heaven. This is a rare God-given gift, which allows heart-to-heart spirit communication with your departed loved ones, brings evidence of your loved ones in spirit and acknowledgment from them to you that they are still very much with you. These healing messages from your blessed loved ones in Heaven instill peace, love, and joy in your heart to stay.

As a Spiritual Adviser and Mentor of the Gift of Spirit, Stacey advises and mentors spiritually gifted visionaries and leaders to go beyond the physical to connect to Spirit to be in their gifts to live their higher truth in work and in life. Stacey believes we are all endowed with Spiritual Gifts, and she is here to be a personal guide and Spiritual Mentor to those who are seeking their Divinity–the Gift of Spirit indwelling to co-create for the highest good.

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